huthegelluthego means HELLO in Jiberrish. so basically, i’m new to blogging. are you guys wondering what am i doing here? haha, well i came up with this whole blogging idea just now. i was bored and do not know what to do. umm, before i proceed, want to know a little about me? YES YES YES!

the name is kimberly subianto. i’m 16, wohoo! i live in jakarta, indonesia, and right now i’m in grade 12. YAY graduating soon soon and super soon!
who do i love? the first place is, and always be, JESUS CHRIST. He had done a LOT of miracles and good things in my life. the second place is my dad ❤ well, he's up there now. and coming up next are my family and friends! can't live without them! 🙂
I laugh a lot. I smile a lot too. If you’re nice to me, I’m nice to you. What goes around comes around. But then on the other hand, make me laugh and I’ll pretty much be your friend. food? WHOA, come with me for a day and your tummy will be bloated. YES, bloated i say. BLOATED. i love pasta, sushi, pizza, burger, and of course SHIHLIN! it’s like one of the best food i’ve tasted.
I get bored quite easily, especially if i’m not interested. friendly? sure, why not. talkative? sometimes, depending on my mood. competitive? YES, definitely! try to compete with me, i’ll never back down, i’ll come and get you!
i am who i am around people, unlike those people who TRY to blend in.

so, that’s me. read more to know more 😉 as simple as that
X kim

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