remember the times

I miss the way we were so crazy about each other,
two young teenagers madly in love.
Sometimes I wish I could tell you everything,
make everything all right.

I know that you still love me,
but there’s something jaded about the way you look at me now.
There’s something in our conversations
that keeps us from saying everything that we’d like to.

I don’t know if it’ll ever get that good again
and I’m afraid to let go of all this
and afraid of starting something new
because what if its never the same?
What if you were the best one for me?

If i could meet you again for the first time
what would I say?
Knowing you’d become my first love in the future
every day for almost two years.
And we’d become glue.
But somewhere down the line,
we didn’t stick anymore.

There will come a day when you lay your head on a guy’s chest
and you realize his heartbeat doesn’t match yours
Our love was so strong that we felt each other’s love
from 3000 miles away.

I will love you until I can sing no more.
you haunt the stars in the sky.
What makes you think that you cannot love me again?
I just wish we could go back
to where you realize that you are happy with me.
That we can be happy again.
You may say you don’t love me anymore,
but I know deep down you do.

If you just give me a call.
If you just listen to what I have to say,
then maybe we can be together again.
Maybe we can be that couple
that no body could stop the love coming from each other’s hearts.
I find it impossible to get through to you,
but for some reason after a year I’m still fighting for it.

Still fighting for that phone call from you.
To hear your voice on the other end.
To feel that happy again.
I just wish you knew how much I miss you.
How much time is spent thinking about you.
How much time I spend my day just thinking things through,
to get you back.

-Andrew Landon

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