Words from the World

How can you make yourself feel better, when you’re feeling low to the extremes? How can you control your rage when you want to take it out at the world? What can you do when frustration and anger and the darkest emotions known to the human race strike at you and ensnare you in their jaws? What can you do when the worst battle your fighting, is the one with your own mind? When even your subconsciousness decides to ignore you. When it’s feels like your falling in a seamless pit and when the world constricts you binding you, as it’s victim, so that it can hunt you down, in it’s own merciless way? What can you do to escape the insanity that rumbles on the edge of the plate? The twirling madness that has no escape? The deafening din that roars infinitely? The paradoxical tricks your mind plays? The utopia that shatters? The nightmare that never ends? The plunge in the icy waters of abyss-land that slowly, desiccate you, turning you into a lifeless body that breathes, yet does not live, that eats yet takes no pleasure in it, that has forsaken everything mundane enough to be called human?
Humans really have no idea, how much their words can mean to others. Nor how much their words can affect them. That is why I believe the humans are one of the most vile and nasty creatures to walk this Earth. For they give solace then turn away leaving others in despair. They comfort yet they themselves become the cause of others’ grieves. They scare the darkness away, yet they carry darkness with them. They are paradoxical creatures really. You never know what to expect from them and most importantly, you never know whether or not you can trust them. Solely driven by instinct and moods, these creatures, are unexpected to the core. You could find you know all about them, yet a life time later, they may still surprise you with their uncanny skills. You may think of them as strong, yet in the most unexpected times, the strongest of them may fall weak and give in to tears.
X kimberlysubi

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