the perfect ending

Have you noticed how sometimes, we all need that bubbly loquacious friend who laughs no matter how bad the situation is, and never gives up. The times may get trying, and at times, you may feel like dying but to be honest, death is never the answer to questions. You will encounter countless obstacles in this little journey we call life and giving up may seem like the best option at the time, but only three words ‘never give up’. I know it is easier said than done but what we’ve got to realize here is that we are capable of anything. The only thing we’ve got to do is persuade ourselves to do it. Dissuading ourselves will not do us any good, nor will it lead to the ‘lived happily ever after’ ending that we strive so hard to achieve.
‘and she died due to suicide’ wouldn’t be a very good ending now would it? But ‘she had lost almost everything, yet she found the courage to stand up and get back in the rat race’ sounds so much better. We all have that little seed of courage inside us, all we need to do is find it and muster it.
 An excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s Manual of the warrior of light:
The Warrior of Light holds the sword in his hands. He is the one who decides what he is going to do, and what he will not do in any circumstances. There are moments when life leads him to a crisis: he is forced to divorce himself from things he has always loved.
Then the Warrior reflects. He assesses whether he is fulfilling God’s will or if he is acting through egoism. If separation is really the path he must follow, he accepts it without complaining.

However, if this separation is provoked by the perversity of others, then he is implacable in his answer.
The Warrior possesses the art of the blow and the art of forgiveness. He knows how to use both with equal skill.
        Often, people are the root cause behind these upheavals in our lives. Times change, people change and situations change. So why shouldn’t we move on too? Why should we aimlessly wander in the past when we can focus on the future by living in the present with no regrets whatsoever. Why should we live with the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ that have us dangling on the edge of the cliff, when we can grasp the rope firmly and pull ourselves up, to safety?

       Unfortunately, we ourselves give people the ability to hurt us and taint us by mere words. But why do we do this? Why do we give importance to people who take us for granted and take for granted those who give us importance? Why do we think we let ourselves down when people break our trust? Shouldn’t they be the ones deluding in sorrow and guilt? The truth is, they should be the ones feeling sorry, not us; yet we still blame ourselves as a result of others’ actions. Is it because we don’t believe they were capable of such destruction or is it because we are too marred by the shock of seeing them destruct their impressions, that we created? Why is it that we are hurt by what others did or do? Shouldn’t we discern ourselves from such beings? We are after all capable of so much, then why limit ourselves to please others?
“Be who you are, and say what you feel because who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
Don’t let anything or anyone for that matter; stop you from living your dream. What’s meant to be will be-if it’s in your destiny, you will get it, no matter what. Never forget the fact that everyone is capable of achieving greatness; we just need to know where that greatness will be achieved. As long as you remember that, you won’t lose sight of your focus and success will kiss your footsteps where ever you go, so that your story can have the perfect ending…

x, kimberlysubi

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