No Pain, No Gain

A businessman once says…if you’ve never experienced a work strike, then you’re not a businessman.
An inventor once proclaimed…if you have never been criticised for your invention, then you’re not an inventor.
An athlete tells that if you have never experienced an injury, then you’re not an athlete.
A person who had known love would tell you that to know love, you must experience a heartbreak.
In life, pain is unavoidable. Many people dislike pain because it is uncomfortable for the human ego to not indulge itself.
But sometimes, this pain can be taken in a different manner. You can always turn that pain into a gain by simply learning from it.
The problem is, why can’t we look at ‘pain’ from a positive angle? Is it because of its negative paradigm? It is after all ‘pain’, the harmful evil. But wouldn’t life be easier if we see things positively? Unfortunately, that only exists in perfect Neverland or Disneyland.
We may not always be able to look at everything from a positive view, but trying to and being able to see it for some matters…that is enough for change in our lives. We would be so much happier and better off.

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