He cares

so, last time i gave you guys the link to this video. and this time I decided to upload it anyway. i have a different view this time. in many occasions, when we are tired and depressed, frustrated and angry with God, asking Him, “God, are you there? are you listening to my prayers? why are there no answer?” just to reassure with you all, God is there, He hears us, He sits beside us, He walks with us, He is always knocking on our heart. but for answering? He only has 3 answers: yes, not yet, i have something better in mind. and when He does not give you what you want, it doesn’t mean He doesn’t love you, He may either have something better, or He is waiting for the perfect timing where everything will look beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11).
right now, you might be thinking why am i posting the video? i wanna tell you guys, sometimes we may think that our Father is like the father in this video, deaf, and mute, we think that He never hear our prayer, He never give answers. but no, you are wrong. He understands us, He demonstrates His love to us with actions, He is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of our life, He cares for us, He will never leave us. He is good, and He is God.
our earthly father may not be as good as the man in the video, our earthly father may not have the time to talk with us, play with us or joke with us, he may not even have the time to kiss us good night. he may have not appreciate what you did for him, like make breakfast. he may forget about your birthday. he may not have the perfect being you always dreamed of, he may not give you the money you wanted. but think this way, he tried. he tried his very best, he worked all day and night, to feed you. isn’t it enough to show you that he cares for you?
be fortunate with what you have right now, because you’ll never know when you’ll lose them. have you spend your time to say “i love you” to your parents? if you have not, go, now.
“there’s no perfect father in this world, but a father will always know how to love his children perfectly.”


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