The Gospel – part 1 of 3

you are a rebel against a living God. this is your natural disposition. why? because we are born in sin. we are in a prison cell. and it takes the grace of God to awaken us with the fact that we are lost and we can’t get up. we are headed towards destruction, fast. our enemy, because of our rebellion against God, has legal rights to harm and harass our lives. there you are inside the prison cell shouting, “HELP, get me out!” but you can’t get out. the prison cell is stronger than anything. there’s no way, the prison cell is stronger than diamond. it is impenetrable, you can’t escape. you’re doomed, because when the enemies comes in the end, they will finish you up. because they have the legal right to do it, and he will relish every minute of it. in strolls your Mighty Man, He stands between you and your enemies, and He takes the hit that was rightfully yours. He takes the blow that is intended for you. GOD died for you. over your prison cell, it is always said, condemned, separated eternally from God, guilty. and suddenly it switches when you realize what Jesus Christ has done. justified, forgiven, redeemed. but here’s the problem: most of us have stopped with the GOOD NEWS right there. the blood of Jesus Christ has been shed and He has died and that is an unbelievable news. we’re still in the prison cell and we go praising Him, thank You for forgiving me, thank You for changing me. and God’s words say: could you check the door of the prison cell? because My blood has been shed for more than just forgiveness. forgiveness is just the avenue through which you could make the escape. He is not just interested in the consequences, in the penalty of sins, but He also dealt with the problems of sins. so, test the door! it’s unlocked. the door of the prison cell is unlocked! walk out, and feel the air of freedom and liberty and the life of Jesus Christ! is it bizarre when you realize you are a rebel, that you are undeserving completely and the living God still gives up His life to save you? and now He has set you free. and you are like: “Geez, are You sure God? I’m a rebel. I go against Your laws.”


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