The Gospel – part 3 of 3

“and if you do it in your own strength you’ll fail. i’m sending you out to be a victor. My children will not lose. you give me your body, and I’ll come in. and I’ll take those hands of yours and make it My hand. I’ll take those feet of yours and make them My feet. I’ll take that mouth of yours and it will speak My words. and I’ll take those eyes of yours so you can see what I need you to see. and I will take your heart of stone to make it My heart of flesh, and carry the burden I carry, and to care about things that I care. and your prayers will be my prayers. and your heart and attitude and every minute of your every day will be the very behavior of God. will you allow Me to take over your life?”

because then, we go out to this world as lambs, with the faces of lions. because the living God Almighty dwells inside His children. and as we stand in the world, we stand in the authority of Jesus, and we will not back down. because we do not head to war to lose. we head off the war to win. He gives all His power to the lambs. and His lambs beat the wolf pack. and that’s the gospel. He is in control, and even though we look weak, but spiritually we are strong. we need to spread out the gospel, we need to claim that we are unashamed of it.

“dear Lord Jesus, send us. not just send us, but send us Yourself. we cannot do Your work even if we are willing. even if we are ready, we cannot do Your work without You. please, if You want to come with us, why would we ever try on our own?”

“you don’t have to go on your own. you don’t have to pull the impossible on your own. you don’y have to fail any longer.”

Your God is ready to do it in Him through you. you can’t do it. you can’t muster up the discipline. you can’t muster up the intellect. you can’t muster up the strength. you can’t muster up the perseverance and fortitude. HE CAN. you can’t love the lost. you can’t love those that spit upon your face. HE CAN. don’t pray for God to teach you how to love like He loves. pray that He will fill you with Himself and He will love in Him through you. don’t pray for God to teach you how to live with joy. pray that the joyful God will enter into you. don’t pray that He will teach you how to be peaceful. ask the Prince of Peace to fill you. because if you try to imitate in your own strength, you will be a miserable replica. but if you allow the impartation of Jesus Christ to overtake you, suddenly it all works! because it is Him who is imitating Himself. and He is very GOOD at being GOD.

THANK YOU GUYS for reading the 3 parts. I hope this can be a blessing.
God bless you!
X, kimberlysubi

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