Never Too Late

Truly, life is so short. We are but breezes of wind that blow thru this world. Here one day, gone the next. No one knows how long they will live. You cannot choose how long you will live but you can choose how well you will live.
So many people wasted their short lives in here and spend their finals days waiting down in regret. There’s no more time to go back and re-do their lives. There is nothing left but a wish for more time. A wish that will never be fulfilled.
We all have two choices as we live – we can make a living or we can design a life. There are many who spend their lives making a living.  They go off to work each day with no vision for what their lives could become and before they know it, their lives are over. and some are so fearful that their dreams they do have will forever be unfulfilled coz they never have the courage to take a risk to enable them to reach their goals  and live their dreams.

You can be different though. You can design your life. Yes it would have been better if you’d started earlier. The earlier the better. But if your 40 years old, you have a good 40 years left. You can accomplish tremendous things in your remaining years if you design them before you live them. What will make them powerful will be if you design a  life based on the pillars of success with a goal of leaving a legacy for others to follow. Live a life that will help other spiritually, intellectually, physically, financially relationally. Live a life that serves as an example of what an exceptional life can look like. Let others lead a small lives but not you. Let other argue over small things but not you. Let others cry on small hurts but not you.  Let others leave their future on someone else’s hand but not you. Leaving a legacy is like planting a tree. As that seed grows into a tree,  it will provide seeds so that future generations can then plant their own.

You have your entire life ahead of you. Live it to the fullest potential that you have. There is so much more that you can do for yourself and for those around you.
“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
x, kimberlysubi

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