Q: are you the person who you’re looking for, is looking for?

okay, firstly, hi! and secondly, did you get the sentence? if you didn’t, try to read it all over again, because i didn’t get it for the first time either.
many times in our lives, we are so caught up in searching for our ideal partner. but have we ever thought of this: am i the person who i’m looking for is looking for? are you?
each and every one of us has our own criteria and expectations of an ideal person whom we want to be with. and maybe you have found the right person, or in normal cases, have not. but the questions you should ask yourself are: do that person really want you? have you met his definition of “ideal”? 
now, you must be thinking.
but that’s alright, as time goes by, you’ll discover what is his/her definition of ideal. and if it really makes sense to you. the good news is: you can always try to be a better person. changing because of what others think is bad. but changing because you can accept what others criticize and are willing to is undoubtedly good. you can always fix things up, but only if you are happy with it. because it’s your life. your choice. and your responsibility to take.
there’s one tip from me. if you totally have no idea on that person’s (who you’re looking for) expectations, it is never wrong to search from the word of truth. 1 Chorinthians 13:4-9. yes, i believe you guys are familiar with the verses. it is about love. a perfect love, i may assume.
“love is patient. love is kind.
it does not envy.
it does not boast, it is not proud.
it is not rude.
it is not self-seeking.
it keeps no record of wrongs.
love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
it always protects, always trusts.
always hopes, always perseveres.”
this may look like a whole lot pile of things. but, this made me realize how big is God’s love for us. He is love. and when you live in Him and He lives in you. His love will show up in your life. people will start to see you in a different way. people will see you as a you full of love that is illustrated in the verses above.
love. a four letter word, it is indescribably powerful in our lives. it has the power to change us. it has the power to make us a better person. and that love happens to be our Almighty God.
with love,

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