Hess’ Law does apply to our lives!

hello everyone, i think i am still on exam mode. so let’s talk about…. Hess Law! yes, you guessed it, Hess Law is a chemistry term. what does it mean? according to the genius Mr. Google, Hess Law states that the entalphy change is independent to the routes taken, given that the reactants and products are the same. so, here’s the example:

now you see, △H1 is equal to △H2+△H3 which is also equal to △H4+△H5+△H6, regardless the routes taken. okay okay okay, before you guys get bored reading these stuffs. i want to get straight to my point. this law over here does apply in our lives. and it is a thing called ‘destiny’. do you believe in destiny? do you believe that in whichever way we go, whatever we do, wherever we go and however we respond to a situation, we will always end up with the same result? Do you believe that even if you didn’t want it, if fate brought you to it, there was absolutely nothing you can do? well do you? i do, sometimes.
I believe in destiny. I believe that everything happens for a reason. that no matter what you do, even if you made the wrong decision, something can always be drawn from it. you can either conclude that you should continue doing it, if what you chose was right, or learn from past mistakes and avoid it in the future. destiny is different from fate. it does not define what will happen next in your life. God has given you a purpose in life, a destiny, that you may either choose to fulfill or ignore. Your destiny is God’s plan for you. it’s your blueprint in life. whether and how you choose to fulfill that destiny, however, are entirely different.

destiny destiny destiny. they are actually on your hands. you can either fulfill it or just let it go, just like that. if you let it go, enjoy your pointless little life. but if you fulfill your destiny, be surprised with each and every pretty little things sprinkling in your life. you will be overwhelmed with the choices you make. so, it’s your choice. choose carefully. it doesn’t mean that when you choose to fulfill your destiny, the road towards your goal will be smooth and all. but all the obstacles and problems will crush you, but they’ll shape you. will let you down, but will encourage you to get up. you are destined to do it, you will find the strength in yourself and God who had planned everything. all your choices you make define you. afterall, it is not other people who judge you by what they see, but it is you yourself who can define you.

i think i am destined to write this blog entry, and you are destined to read this post. if you’re reading this, i would like to say. go, go and fulfill your destiny, fulfill your dreams, and figure out your blueprint in life. the going can get tough, but believe me, everything will be beautiful in the end. because everyone is destined to be happy, however, some people chose to not fulfill it.
now, which one are you? it’s never too late to make a U-turn ahead.
“no hate, no regrets, just love♥”
Lots of Love,
kim X

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