Face To Face

this story is worth reading, and for those who are in a long distance relationship, one thing, it can work. as long as both of you have trust. because trust is the foundation of all relationships. there will come a point where everything will worth the distance. love intensifies in absence. believe it. read this. seriously.

She sat in front of her laptop and anxiously checked the time. It was two minutes until they were due to talk. She filled in her login details and waited to be signed in. When the screen finally changed she saw that he was already online and a message immediately popped up.
‘I’ve been on for like half an hour, I couldn’t wait.’ It read.
The message put a sad smile on her face. She clicked the video call button without even replying. She wasn’t interested in typed words on a screen. She wanted his face, his voice but most of all, she wanted him which cruelly was only thing she couldn’t have.
‘Hello gorgeous.’ Said his soothing voice, slightly distorted by his microphone. 
She instantly relaxed, his voice calming her all over. Regardless of the pixelated image, his orange hair still shone as fiercely as it always did, a feature she so dearly loved. 
‘Hello.’ She sighed with a smile. 
‘How was your day? I want to hear everything about it.’ He replied while settling into his chair as she saw his mother enter the room behind him.
‘Ed, you’ve left your guitar downstairs again.’ She said tiredly to him.
‘Mum! I’m talking right now, can I get it later?’ he said while turning round.
‘Is that Nora?’ she said, suddenly beaming. She walked over to the screen. ‘Hello, darling. When are you coming back down to us? We all miss you dearly, this one most of all of course.’ She said pointing to Ed as he blushed.
‘Soon hopefully, believe me all I want right now is to be right there.’ She said sadly and unfortunately it was clear that Ed picked up on it. He was clearly alarmed by the tone of her voice as his body tensed slightly. His mother noticed this and coupled with the sound of her voice and weak smile, took it as her queue to leave.
‘Well I’ll see you soon, I hope.’ She said before scampering out of the room.
‘What’s wrong?’ he said worriedly.
‘Nothing’s wrong.’ She lied.
‘Nora, I know you and I know that something’s wrong. Didn’t we promise to always tell the truth?’ he reasoned. She sat in silence as her microphone detected the white noise of the room and the whirling of her laptop which sat propped up on a stand. ‘Please, Nora? It kills me knowing that you’re upset and that I’m not there with you. At least tell me what’s wrong?’
‘Ed, it’s nothing really.’ She replied with a false smile.
He sat forward in his chair. ‘Nora, you not telling me is going to make me imagine that it’s so much worse.’ 
Her smile dissolved into a look of reluctance. ‘I didn’t want to worry you.’
‘Knowing that you were upset and not knowing why would worry me far more.’ He said sadly. ‘What’s happened?’
‘It’s those girls again. They’ve told everyone around school that I slept with another guy. Everyone knows that I’m with you and they’ve told everyone that I’m cheating on you.’ she said as her voice cracked. 
‘Why would they do that?’ he said with an angry edge to his voice.
‘Because they hate me, I don’t even know why. Plus they’ve never even met you, you’re the one thing that I have that is separate for them and they’re managing to ruin even that.’ she said as tears began to brim in her eyes.
‘Please don’t cry, Nora. It’s horrible seeing you cry and not being able to do anything about it. They haven’t ruined us, they’ll never get to me. For fuck sake, I hate those foul, poisoness girls. They’ve upset you and I can’t even hold your hand in support.’ He said burying his head in his hands.
‘Ed?’ she questions as the pixels that amounted to her face froze slightly.
‘Yes?’ he said while lightly hitting his computer to unfreeze it.
‘You haven’t even asked me if it’s true.’ She said weakly.
‘I don’t need to. I trust you.’ he said resolutely. ‘I’m not going anywhere, Nora. I’m sticking with you, whatever happens.’ 
‘I know that you trust me. This is just so hard, Ed.’ She cried. ‘That’s what upsets me so much, I would never do that. I don’t want anybody else but you. I miss you so much.’
‘I know it is Nora. I see guys everywhere with their arms around their girlfriends and it makes me so angry. They just do it naturally, without even thinking yet I can’t even do that. I’m trapped behind my computer and my phone until I finally have enough money to see you again but I wouldn’t change anything. The fact that it’s hard shows how worth it the wait is. I wanted to wait until I saw you again to say this but the fact that you’re feeling so insecure to the point where a stupid rumour crushes your confidence shows that you need to know.’
‘What, Ed?’ She asked tearily.
‘I love you so much and there’s so much that I wish I could do while saying that. I’d hold your hand, pull you close. I’d whisper it into your ear and kiss your forehead. I’ll do that all next time and the time after that because there will always be one. I’m always going to be near Nora, I’m always going to be the guy that made the U-turn and avoided the dead end. I did that because I could just feel that you’d be worth the effort. You’re worth the distance, Nora.’ He watched the transition from pain to happiness before his eyes. He knew that her tears were now from happiness not sorrow. ‘One day it’s going to be easier, I promise. One day the furthest distance between us will be the spaces between our interlocked fingers and the millimetres between our bodies as we lay on the sofa. That’s what I’m working for, Nora. That’s what’s going to make all of this waiting worth it.’
She sat forward on her seat and placed her hand up against her computer screen. She niffed away the tears she’d shed and watched the determination in his eyes. After a few moments, his expression softened and he too wheeled closer and placed his hand to his screen. They lined up their palms as closely as possible and wiggled around their fingers as if teasing the surface would make it disappear altogether.
‘I love you too, Ed.’ she said filling the silence with a smile.
‘I know.’ He said with the shy smile that she so desperately adored.
‘Thank you for checking that I wasn’t throwing up and forgetting your lighter at home.’ She said teasingly as she wiped her eyes. ‘And thank you for not thinking that I was a total slut, admitting to the fact that I would have happily had a one night stand with you.’
‘That never even crossed my mind. You were to wonderful and fantastic for me to think that. I didn’t let you do it because I didn’t want you to be ashamed.’ He said quietly. He sat there for a few moments as he seemingly contemplated revealing the depths of his soul, a great enclosed secret, his greatest insecurity. Eventually he looked up. ‘I said that I didn’t want you to regret anything and I meant that but there was something in particular.’
‘What?’ she asked carefully.
‘I didn’t want you to regret me.’ he said sadly. ‘When you said to me that you’d sleep with me if you could, I couldn’t believe it was true. My heart started racing, my hands started sweating and I was blushing so much, I know that you could tell. Although I would have never done it because I would have been taking advantage of you but I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to wake up with you. I had this amazing image of waking up with this beautiful girl next to me and seeing the rise and fall of your chest as you slept. It made me so happy, it made me feel something I’d never felt before but then the image changed. You woke up and as your eyes adjusted to the light, you realised that I was beside you and the look of disappointed and regret in your eyes scared me so much. I didn’t think that I would be able to cope with losing you like that purely because of my own inadequacies.’
‘You’re not inadequate. You are the most amazing and beautiful guy I have ever met and I am going to tell you this until you believe me. I am lucky to have you, not the other way round.’ She said moving closer to the camera and hoping that she could somehow travel through it and into his study. She would take his face in her hands and kiss him so fiercely to show how deep rooted her love and desire for him was. It broke her heart how insecure he was in himself and so desperately wanted him to his beauty, inside and out.
‘Oh and thanks for being drunk and mental, I guess.’ He said with a titter to lighten the mood. ‘It showed me how interesting and amusing you are.’
‘I was not mental!’ she berated.
‘Oh come on Nora! You know what you’re like when you’re drunk. You told me to ‘screw myself’ because I ran my hands through my hair!’ he reasoned.
‘That’s because I wanted to do it.’ She quietened for a second and spoke with a sad smile. ‘I still do.’
‘I’ve never met somebody that loves it so much.’ He said gesturing to his orange, tangled mess.
‘I love everything about it. The colour, how it feels, everything. I mostly just kind of like the fact that it’s attached to you.’ she shrugged.
‘Well I promise that the next time you see it that you can run yours hands through it as much as you please.’ He stopped and smiled deviously. ‘and you can do whatever else that you wish even if it’s just cuddling for a couple of days straight. I miss you so much.’
‘Don’t say that.’ She replied.
‘Why?’ he asked.
‘Because I’d never let go.

beautiful, isn’t it? glad you enjoy it.


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