Switchfoot Band

so, i’ve been listening to switchfoot recently. they have good music, most of them talk about Christ. i did not know that they are really intimate with God before until i listen to most of their songs. it’s great to know that in the world going around like nowadays, there are still bands who care to change the world, by showing people who Jesus is. so, here are some quotes by them:

“I think that’s a challenge as believers – how do you demonstrate the gospel? How do you do that? I mean it’s easy to talk about it and say ‘Oh this is what we are supposed to be doing’ and this is the relevance. But how do you do that with your hands instead of your mouth? How do you do it every day, instead of just onstage, how is it enacted? And I feel like that is one of the ways that we can show what we believe, by how we treat people around the world.”

“The reason that I believe in God is not because I saw U2 in concert. It’s always because I know this person that loved me.”

“My faith, I mean, that’s such a personal aspect that a lot of times, of course it’s going to come out through the song. But at the same time, I’m not a religious salesman. I feel like God doesn’t really need a salesman, and what these songs are are simply my interactions with this life and learning. I guess the bottom line is the songs are really honest, you know what I mean. That faith is going to come through. If the listener is looking for it, that’s definitely a part of it.”

“I’m just more and more coming to the conclusion that we serve an incredibly large God who wants to do incredible things through this generation. I feel like there is a spirit that I get from many kids… it’s the attitude that it’s not impossible, things can happen… whether you are talking about Africa or even your own backyard. Wanting to actually interface with the world and not run away from it. That’s really exciting for me. I’m sick and tired of Christians that are just simply waiting for the rapture. I feel like we’ve been given an incredible job opportunity, we’ve been given the Holy Spirit; we’ve been given the spirit of the living God inside of us to change the world. That’s our calling. It’s not to sit around and wait. So when I see kids and the passion in their eyes to go out and actually interface with the world around them that inspires me.”
“If you can have a couple of tight friends that you can tell things to, that you can say, ‘Hey, this is what I’m struggling with,’ and then pray and talk about it, then that’s an incredible thing.”

“Entropy is one of the laws of thermodynamics. It’s a physical law that says everything in nature is moving from order to disorder. In our lives this same principle is at work. As time moves on, things break down as we make mistakes. This is the ‘letdown’ every person experiences because of sin. For Christians this concept doesn’t end there because we realize God’s ‘beautiful’ mercy and grace restores the order in our lives.”

“Music is what I do; Christ is why I do it.”


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