Just Like

Just like the pen so desperately needs to bleed all over
the paper when pausing too long on the edges of a letter
and just like the paper so intensely needs to remember its
time as a tree and that tree needs to feel it’s longest
branches bouncing with the weight of a curious squirrel
and that squirrel needs to find just one more acorn before
the snow finds her and just like that snow needs to fall and
feel itself being rolled and squished into the head of a snowman
and that snowman needs a carrot for a nose and that carrot
needs a peeler in capable hands and those hands need to be
held, dry as they might be, I need you.
Just like the plants so longingly need the sunshine that they crane
their little necks to the window and just like the window needs
handprints and smudges and the residue of lips kissing goodbye
and just like those lips need to form themselves in funny shapes
to mouth out words and those words need wings to find themselves
to ears and those ears need Q-Tips to clean them for hearing and those
Q-Tips need the cotton and that cotton needs strong hands to free
it from its branches and just like those hands need to be held,
cut and bleeding as they might be, I need you.
Just like shoes need feet to fill them and those feet need socks to
warm them and the warmth needs the cold to feel warm at all and
the cold needs to see our breath to feel worthy and just like our
breath needs our lungs to give it shape and those lungs need
sighs to refill them and those sighs need eyes to inspire them
and those eyes need glasses to protect their fragile and
sunflowered color from the sunshine and the sunshine needs rain
to make rainbows and those rainbows need cameras to immortalize them
forever and just like those cameras need hands to push
the shutter and lock tight its colors and those hands need to be
held, soaking and shaking as they might be, I need you.
Just like a bed needs a body and a pillow needs a head and that head
needs to be dreaming and those dreams need our wishes to
plot out the story and those wishes need first stars to feel
real and those first stars need the black that surrounds them
to shine and just like that black needs the rest of us to know
that it’s not black but filled with galaxies and just like those
galaxies need telescopes to find them and those telescopes need
mirrors to see so deep into space and those mirrors need hands to clean
them and wash off the smudges and just like those hands need to be
held, wrinkled and old as they might be, I need you.
Just like the old books needs to be held by a reader and the reader
needs a comfortable chair to lounge in and that chair needs to
have a cup of tea precariously perched on its arm and that tea needs
to have just the tiniest bit of sugar inside it and that sugar
needs to stick slightly to the spoon before it is stirred
and that spoon needs to be stuck to a nose and just like that nose
needs to smell the aroma of fresh baked cookies from the oven
and those cookies need the dough that was just licked off the mixers
and that dough needs hands to be stirring it and those hands need to be
held, sticky and covered in chocolate as they may be, I need you.
And just like the moon so forlornly needs to shine itself on the
tired sailor and just like that tired sailor needs so badly to trust
the ship that he’s steering and just like that ship needs its sails
to catch the wind and push it and just like that wind needs the sea
to dance above and that sea needs its dolphins to gracefully play inside
and those dolphins need the waves to surf their way through and
just like the waves need so achingly to crash into the sand and the
sand needs to find itself dimpling your skin when it’s caught inside your
bathing suit and just like that skin needs the soap to wash off the
sand and just like the soap needs these hands to lather it into bubbles
that will float around the tub and just like those hands need to be
held, slippery and pruney as they might be, I need you.
Do you need me, too?  

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