keep your heart on guard

The reason why a lot of people get heartbroken, or get miserable or depressed or heartbroken or miserable as a whole is because of the heart. It’s every human being’s weakness because if the heart is not right, I’m afraid to say, everything else goes downhill with it.
The enemy knows this too, that we’re penetrated most easily in this part of our system. That’s why most of the time, he uses this intelligence for his advantage. He attacks when we’re least expecting it; he attacks on our weakest point, especially when we let our guards down and our defenses at a minimum.
Hence, we take extra precaution when dealing with things about our emotions. We filter what goes in and out of our senses, what we watch, what we hear, what we see or feel or think about. Because  everything that our senses perceive is absorbed by heart.
And most certainly, what our heart contains is reflected by the way we talk, blog or get along with other people. We check and re-check and double check our motives and our desires. It’s the heart that God sees and we don’t want our faulty hearts to get in the way with our relationship with him and our relationship with other people.

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