in love or falling in love?

To me, falling & being in love are two different things and so is just loving someone.
The definition of falling in love is the process of moving from a feeling of neutrality towards a person to one of love. The use of the term “fall” implies that the process is in some way inevitable, uncontrollable, risky, irreversible, or that it puts the lover in a state of vulnerability. You don’t know whether that someone will catch you, but you just fall. The term is generally used to describe an (eventual) love that is strong, although not necessarily permanent.
While being in love is when you know you’re going somewhere with the person you’re with and you can see a future with them like marrying the person, having a family and such. Like you know it’s going to last and you just love the person you’re with to death and would do anything for them. 
Just loving someone is pretty simple. It’s exactly as it says. Just loving someone. You know it’s not going to last but you just seize the moment and take advantage of it. Like blind affection, just young love. 
Many types, which type are you?

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