Rugged And Ready

“The testing of your faith produces patience.”
– James 1:3

When computers are prepared for demanding environments such as the military, they undergo a process called “ruggedization.” They are subject to extreme testing so that they will function well in the harshest conditions. Tests are conducted for shock, vibrations, and exposures to extreme temperatures. This testing ensures reliability and performances under the harsh conditions of the battlefield.

If that reminds you of the spiritual ruggedization you’re undergoing, take heart. It is God Himself, our loving Father, who allows times of testing to prepare us to serve Him. When we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, the Bible offers the surprising instruction to “count it all joy, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.”(James 1:2-3) Through it all, God invites us to ask Him for wisdom. Why? That we might know how to respond properly. He gives wisdom to all who ask.

If life was like a clean, air-conditioned office, the off-the-shelf Christians would be adequate to meet the need. But we inhabit a world engulfed in a life-or-death spiritual battle. As we trust God through difficult times, we’ll become rugged and ready, tested and prepared for better usefulness.

God has a purpose in our heartaches,
The Savior always knows what’s best;
We learn so many precious lessons
In each sorrow, trial, and test. -Jarvis

Remember, God allows adversity into our lives not to break us, but to make us better.
God bless you.


anyways, sorry for the late late late late post. been so busy. X

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