The 14th of February.

hello fellas! this simple video tells us that love.. love.. is not about the things you buy for someone special, it’s not about how much the things worth, it’s not about the quantity, rather, it’s about the ‘love’ you show. the warmth, and the sincerity, and the kindness. it’s not the things that count, it’s not the money that buys, but it’s the feeling that matters. things may help you symbolize or expresses how you feel, but more important than that is your actions. thank you to Google for making this cute and simple Valentine Animation.

hope everyone had a sweet Valentine’s day! be single or taken, valentines day is about love whether you show love to your partner, your parents, your friends or even a complete stranger, remember showing someone that extra bit of kindness can brighten someone’s day as well as your own.
then again today shouldn’t be the only day you do that, kindness & love should be shared everyday cause in actual fact today’s just a Tuesday after all.

how did mine went? it was awesomely terrific. i can feel the love at school and at home. people sharing chocolates and kindness. oh i wish every single day is like today, the 14th of February. and yes, flowers! it meant a whole LOT to me. thank you friends, thank you family, and thank you readers for making my Valentine a day full of love. so once again, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 2012!

or like what Joseph Vincent said, Single Awareness Day. well it depends on how you want to go through the day.

Love and Hugs and Kisses,


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