Sometimes In Life

hello everyone! this is me again, with another post. today’s post is basically inspired by my friends in school. and anyway, it’s Friday already and i’m so hyped up for the weekend. so, Thank God It’s Friday. well, keep on reading. enjoy 🙂

so, we are building towers out of cards like this: 
i’m sure you guys have tried it before. as my friend was building the tower, we started tossing small paper balls towards it. the tower collapse! think i should stop telling you stuffs and get to the point instead.
“sometimes in life, people will start throwing rocks at you. they want to bring you down, tear you apart, or stomp you to the ground. really, the choice is yours. you can either protect yourself, or make yourself vulnerable. and when the rocks hit you, you can either stand up, get your feet on the ground and stand firm, or you can just stay on the ground, let everyone laugh at you. it’s a matter of choices. how you respond to it, that is what defines you. or you may fall due to your own mistake, taking the tower as an example, maybe you accidentally knock the base and it just fell. so sometimes in life you went back to your past, maybe its the decision that you made, the regrets, the failures. but what’s been done, been done. you can’t change your past, you can just move on and focus on the present. because you don’t live in your yesterdays, you don’t live in your tomorrows, you live now, today.”
“or… you can always throw the rocks back at them.”

the second part is, there’s this friend of mine, nicknamed as Panda. well, he sleeps A LOT. in any position. even my friends told me he can sleep while he’s standing. (boom, mind blown.) so it’s chemistry class, he’s sleeping and again, we start tossing paper balls at him (HEHEHEHE.) so back to my so-called theory:
“sometimes in life, when you are sleeping, when you are unaware of the conditions around you, people will start throwing rocks at you. you are living in your own life, without bothering others. and again, it’s a matter of choice, you either keep moving forward, keep doing what you are doing, or you wake up, and get angry. but well, sometimes in life, people start to throw rocks at you, just to wake you up, they’re trying to tell you something, trying to make you aware, that you are in Chemistry class. sometimes they throw rocks at you for good, for your benefit, because they care for you and want to make you realize and learn… the hard way. and sometimes in life, you have to wake up and open your eyes open your mind and listen to them. it hurts but it will make you a better person.”
“or… you can always wake up and throw the rocks back at them.”

so i think that’s it from me. hope you like it. follow my twitter @kimberlysubi, as i will update you guys for new posts. thanks a bunch for reading. have a good night. and God bless you.


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