about a girl

she may not be your dream come true, she may not be the shooting star you’ve always wished, but she will always try to be that one girl you’ve always needed.

1) She won’t mind sleeping a little bit later just to talk to you, the guy she’s been in love with
2) You’ve always been in her prayer
3) She would call or text you, in her busiest time, just to know if you’re doing alright
4) She would never get mad at you, because she never wants to hurt your feeling
5) She may get jealous some times, but never get it the wrong way, it means she loves you a little too much
6) She hates waiting, but when it comes to waiting for someone she loves, she won’t care
7) She can be your best friend and your lover at a time
8) She always wants you to be happy, even if she is no longer the part of it
9) She always wants you to find a reason to smile, even if she is no longer the reason
10) She may fake her smiles, but never her tears and feelings
11) She remembers every little thing about you
12) When you’re near, her heart beats faster and slower at the same time
13) When you talk to her, she can’t seem to stop smiling
14) When you hold her hands, her heart melts like never before
15) When you brush her hair, her cheeks blush
16) When you kiss her, her knees go weak
17) When you laugh, it warms her heart
18) When you cry, it bleeds her heart
19) When you’re away, she’ll never stop loving and missing you
20) When you leave her, you take parts of her, and her heart with you
21) She loves you for who you are, not for how you look
22) She loves you in and out
23) However sweaty you may get, she won’t mind to give you a warm hug
24) However annoying you may get, she can never get mad
25) She never forgets every little thing she’s done with you
26) She never forgets the times that bring smiles to her face
27) She never forgets the one that flies her high, and it’s you
28) She never forgets her anniversary date
29) She loves the way you call her name
30) She loves you.

K ❤

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