Phil. 4:13

Okay so Philippians 4:13 is a very cliche scripture that we hear/use all the time but when you break it down, you really are able to see the power behind what it says:

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

1. I can do…

That phrase broken down in the Greek means: to be strong in body, to be robust, sound health. Also to have power, exert, wield power to have strength. To overcome, to be able.

2. all things…

That phrase broken down in the Greek means: each, every, any, all, the WHOLE. Everyone, everything, some of ALL types.

And finally…

3. through.. [I wanted to know what this word meant in correlation to the scripture AND Christ. What dies it mean exactly when it says “THROUGH” Christ? “thru” in the Greek is a primary preposition (prepositions tell the location of something in a sentence) and in this case “through” denotes a FIXED position (in place, time, or state). In, by, with, at, or among. So Philippians 4:13 now means: I have the ability in body and in my health to be strong and overcome each, every, the entirety of anything I face/encounter because Christ’s position in my life never moves, never changes. He is always in, by, with, or among me.

Jesus HELPS! When you say it like that, yes we CAN do all things! We can overcome our flesh, overcome trials, people, weight loss, job issues, family issues, love issues, relationship issues. anything.

On the Chase to do ANYTHING through Christ,


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