6 March 2012

Today is the 6th of March.

well, like every other day, today should be just an ordinary day. and yes it is. only that today is my father’s 50th birthday. time flies so fast that it’s nearly a year since the day he passed away. i am sure right now Jesus is singing the happy birthday song to him. and maybe the angels too. 6th of March, it’s just another day to reminisce about all the things my family have been through. with him. images of his smile is so vivid to my eyes. sounds of his laughter is so clear to my ears. the scent of his perfume is so intense in my nose. and the warmth of his hug is what i miss.

if only i can hug him for one last time.

he is the greatest person i’ve ever known, the coolest ‘adult’ friend i ever had, the smartest business man i’ve met, the most lovable husband and the wisest man no doubt. and that’s probably why i felt a great loss when he went back ‘home’. a lot of people would say, “God has a purpose.” yes, i know God will always has a purpose for everything, and everything will be beautiful in its time. and if God let you go to something, He’ll guide you through it. God has been really good to my family, He never leave, He is always there for us. my dad is a man of wisdom. yet, he is so friendly, so joyful, and so warm-hearted. in all situation, he can rejoice and be grateful. a good man he is. he once told me, “with money you can buy all things, except for love. love from your family is priceless. and well, you can always run out of money, but you will never run out of love from me.”

every now and then, people would ask me what happen and those kind of stuffs. and yes, even if it reminds me of him, people shouldn’t feel sorry. because that is what i HAVE TO live with every second of every day. i don’t mind talking about my dad the whole day, because he’s a great man! he is the perfect role model. his absence physically just mean a greater presence of him in my heart.

Happy Birthday, Paps! wish you have the BEST birthday ever up there with Daddy J.

this post is not over. i would also share a great news!
God really played a BIG role in making my dreams come true. I’ve always wanted to go to UBC since the first university presentation in school. and guess what? IT HAPPENED TODAY!
it’s just something i cannot say “all my hard work paid off.” because really, without God, this ain’t gonna happen. is this what God wants in my life? i think i can say absolutely yes. everything falls PERFECTLY in the right time. the best thing about it is that the news came out on the 6th of March. this is a gift from God, and i present this to my dad, as a birthday gift. i can see God’s fingerprints all over the place. He’s been helping me out at all times. the process went so smoothly and with no counter-current. all glory to God!

i thank God for the beautiful day.


oh WAIT. i think it would be PERFECT if Arsenal win in the match against AC Milan in the second-leg of UCL with the score 4-0 or 5-0. seriously, that way my life will be COMPLETE. all the best Gunners!

Love and Cheers,
a happy kimberly 🙂

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