Trust The Potter

God will remold those who come to Him, regardless of what they have gone through. He will reshape you into the image He needs for you to be. God will work on you, no matter what blemish.

God has never rejected those who have come to Him; instead, he reshaped them into a vessel full of honor. We are the clay, God is the Potter. God will not cast us away; he will break us and remold us. Our reminding is not based on our specifications but based on God’s will.

In order for us to be remolded, God will have to break some things. We are going to have to recognize that God has every right to do with us however He wants. The Potter has the ultimate, objective, and design. He is patiently and specifically molding us into His design. He will use any circumstance to help us to be better shaped.

Sometimes, we have to be taken out of our comfort zone and positioned on a lower place in order to hear God speak to us. God is also fixing and molding me on the inside so that it will show on the outside. It takes time to make a worthy vessel, but God will take that time. 

When people look at marred clay, they are quick to throw it away, but in the Potter’s hand, it can be remade and be made into a useful being. God can remake ruined vessels. But in order for the Potter to be molded, the clay had to yield to the Potter’s hands.

Understand that God can do anything. Don’t consider what people think of you. What another person thinks doesn’t matter, but what God sees in you IS.

God reshapes us through our faith. We have to ALLOW God to work on, in, through, and with us. Although He can do anything, we have to yield to His will.

God bless you!
Cheers 😀


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