Long Distance: No Problem

hi guys. so yesterday i saw a picture on facebook that caught my eyes. and i think it is worth sharing with you guys. it’s about long distance relationships.

the question is:
why do you prefer long distance relationships?

“why let the distance ruin yourfeelings for someone?”

they’re stronger. they mean a lot more. well to me that is, i mean think about it. trust is the biggest thing in a relationship. if you can trust someone who lives hundreds of thousands of miles away, then that’s beautiful. sure you don’t get to hug the person, kiss the person, but you get to talk to them, hear them. think about how amazing it’s going to be when you finally get to meet them. and how perfect it’s gonna be. you fight less. you laugh more. they’re beautiful. and i respect anyone who is in one. they’re hard, they’re harder than a lot of things, but they’re worth it in the end. why let the distance ruin your feelings for someone? feelings are feelings, love is love; that’s not gonna change. i love long distance relationships for a lot of reasons. but mostly because they’re beautiful.

that is what the picture says.

it hits me when i read it. yes it’s true and i could not agree more.
distance are just distance. if your love is strong enough, what else could change? you know what they say, love is stronger in absence, then in presence. when you realize he or she is not by your side when you needed them the most, when you need someone to talk to, but they’re still sleeping because of the different time zones. those are just another ordeal in a relationship. when you can go through it, what else can tear you guys apart?

it’s beautiful how nothing else matters, because what really matter, is love. just love.
it’s beautiful when you can hold your desire to hug or kiss or cuddle him or her for a perfect timing when you can finally meet your love ones.
it’s beautiful how you put your trust on him or her, not only trust, but you put your heart onto their hands.
it’s beautiful when at any time you can just leave or break the heart that was given to you, but you chose to take care of it carefully, passionately.

there’s more to list down about what’s beautiful about LDRs.
well that’s just it for now. thanks for reading.
hope you like it. and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. will be highly appreciated.


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