VIOLENCE: What’s So Special?

what’s so special about it that it can change anything?
what’s so special about it that it can solve problems?
what’s so special about it that it can give anything you want?


Violence solves nothing, it simply silences or eliminates one or more often equally valid points of view.

Violence is for those who are too stupid or unwilling to find an equitable solution that benefits all parties.

If I wanted something of yours I could offer to purchase it or I could kill you and take it.

I guess that you could say that killing you was a solution, but from my perspective violence is always wrong and always negative. It should only be the last resort for the stupidest among us.

Sadly it is often the first course of action.

Lately, thousands of protesters marched along Jakarta’s main thoroughfare to the presidential palace, opposing government plans to increase subsidized fuel prices by 33%. According to police estimates, between 3,000 and 5,000 protestors participated in the largely peaceful march to reject the price hike, which is expected to take effect April 1. The fuel price hikes have triggered nationwide protests, mostly organized by student organizations and labor unions. In Makasser, capital of South Sulawesi and the largest city in east Indonesia, students clashed with anti-riot police and set a vehicle alight. More protests are expected in the days to come.

“Social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to create.”

-Pope John Paul II

what happened to compassion? kindness? benevolence? and humanity?
Humanity over time has forgotten it’s true identity and history. We all have forgotten who we really are. The very frame-work of society is now superficial because that’s what happens when the ego takes over the self, it tries to fill your mind with false desires that you think you want but it’s only a way to keep you in a state of always needing more. More power, more control, more attention, more love, more money, all the materialistic things the ego needs.

what i hope is that this will end ASAP.

No Hate, Just Love.

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