be that somebody

hello again people 🙂 so just now i saw this picture in Google+ (add me up to your circles: Kimberly Subianto) and it just caught my attention.

“i always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then i realized, i am somebody”

yes it is true that sometimes we are too busy judging, too busy expecting something much from other people. and we are too busy thinking about it all, that we do not look to the mirror, yes, our own self. who am i to judge? who am i to actually wonder why somebody didn’t do anything about some things? we have to come into a bitter realization that we are actually that somebody we are wondering of. we are actually that somebody who has to start doing something in order to show the world that action speaks louder than words, that even a small action can make a big difference. too often we do not look at ourselves, that’s the problem. i know it’s not easy, it’s never easy.

i’m still struggling as well. but it is worth the try. without ‘somebody’ doing something about some things, everything will come to an end even before starting. so now i’m wondering why somebody didn’t share this blog post on their twitter, facebook, or other social medias. then i realized, i am somebody 😀 imma share this post. (you don’t say?!)

but seriously guys, we should start to look in then out before saying things. say that you realize that your class is too messy and all dirty. you come up to your friends, saying “hey friends, this class is so dirty, why isn’t anyone cleaning and start picking up the trashes?” there, you said it. without knowing that you are ‘one’. and that ‘anyone’ could be you. then your friends will reply you by saying, “why don’t you?” BOOM. heart breaking, heart crushing. so before telling people what ‘somebody’ should do, realize that you can be that ‘somebody’ who starts, and hopefully people will follow you. 

it’s just me saying. thanks for reading. so, starting to wonder why somebody didn’t share this post? come on, copy the link, and post it everywhere.

start doing things people barely notice, make a difference. you know what they say, that’s one small step for a man, but a giant leap for a mankind. who knows the world can be a better place to live, just because you are being that ‘somebody’

Kimberly Subianto

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