Dear John Part II

hello guys, sorry for the late post. where do i stop in part one? right, i told you John and Savannah are having a good relationship. they still talk and whatsoever. in their letters, they start counting the number of days left till John got his leave, when he can actually meet up with Savannah. as soon as John got his leave, he immediately went to see Savannah. they live together, but they barely spend their time alone, just the two of them. most times John and Savannah went out with her friends. this kinda makes a little problem. John was furious, and they got into a fight. until finally they calm themselves down and talk about it. the conversation goes like this:
S: you think that i made you spend so much time with my friends because you weren’t as important to me as you used to be right? but that’s not the reason. it’s really the opposite. i was doing that because you’re so important for me. not so much because i wanted you to get to know my friends, or so they could get to know you, but because of me.
J: i don’t know what you’re trying to say.
S: do you remember when i told you that i draw strength from being with you?
J: yes, what about it?
S: i wasn’t kidding about that. last summer meant so much to me. more than you can ever imagine, and when yo left, i was a wreck. ask Tim. I barely worked on the houses. i know i sent you letters that made you think all was well and good, but it wasn’t. i cried every night, and every day i’d sit at the house and keep imagining and hoping and wishing that you’d come strolling up the beach. every time i saw someone with a crew cut, i’d feel my heart start beating faster, even though i knew it wasn’t you. every time. i know that what you do is important, and i understand that you’re posted overseas, but i don’t think i understood how hard it was going to be once you weren’t around. it seemed like it was almost killing me, and it took a long time to even begin to feel normal again. and on this trip, as much as i wanted to see you, as much as i love you, there’s this part of me that’s terrified that i’m going to go to pieces again when our time is up. i’m being pulled in two directions, and my response was to do anything i could so i wouldn’t have to go through what i did last year again. so i tried to keep us busy, you know? to keep my heart from being broken again.
J: …
S: today, i realized that i was hurting you in the process. that wasn’t fair to you, but at the same time, i’m trying to be fair to me too. in a week, you’ll be gone again, and i’m the one who’s going to have to figure out how to function afterwards. some people can do that. you can do that. but for me . . .
J: I don’t know what to say.
and then they are all good. but something about them changed. you know, everything has its own limits. the tone and length of the letters they wrote shortened. John realized and did not know what to do. there’s still 6 months till his next leave. all they can do is stay like that, each knowing that something is wrong, trying to make it right. this teaches me that, when you love someone so much, when you spend most of your times together with him/her, it will be hard to say good bye. and you would do anything to prevent the “after-effects” to happen. heart-breaking cries every night, wishing you can teleport to his/her side in a blink of an eye.
that’s it for part II, till next time 🙂

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