Twenty May, Lessons Learned.

Lesson learned yesterday. Okay, a slight catch up, 20 May 2012. been a year since my dad is brought back home. many to be reminisced, yet many to be learned. all his characters, his figure as a father, as a friend, as a husband, all of them. he’s a great man. and i’m thankful that he is my dad. will never forget him. will never forget what he have done for me. will never forget about the things he said. will never forget all the act of kindness that’s full of so much love.

he’s a man with aa big big heart, he’s very welcoming, he’s likable, very much. meet him once, you’ll want to meet him more. he jokes around but can be pretty serious at times. he taught me about generosity and selflessness, and well i’m still learning right now. I admire his courage, and he being fearless, it doesn’t mean nothing scares him, being fearless means to be afraid of something, but instead of hiding and closing ones eyes, you stand up, face it, and go through it full of power and bravery. you still want me to continue? I bet no, this can take hundreds of pages. 

so yes, what i learned, it’s about living life to the fullest. a year after my father’s death reminds me of how precious life is, and how wasted can it be. and the choice is in our own bare hands, what do you want to do with it? you want to spend most of your times fulfilling all your desires and flesh? sure you can do that. or you prefer to look for a vision and mission of your life, while holding your perspectives and values in God, reaching the finish line, running, and not walking? yes you can do that too. really, your future is in your hands, you can’t make people choose for you. the first choice is nice, it can gives you happiness, but bear in mind that it’s only a temporary happiness and satisfaction. the second choice is challenging, it takes hard work, endurance, perseverance and determination to reach the goal. but if you have the guts and courage as a living person, you have to do it. it will give you an everlasting joy and happiness.

so i’m ending this post with a series of questions for you to think about, to ponder.

when all is said and done, have you done or said enough? have you just gone along for the ride or have you steered destiny’s hot rod? when you leave this world, did you make it any better than it was when you arrived? all you need is all you’ve got, your wits and the clothes on your back, your epitaph is yours to earn, your legacy is yours to make. go forth.

still learning,
Kimberly Subianto


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