what if God says no?

hello there. i’m back again. sorry for the late late lateeeeee post. something came up. so today i decided to write about some essential things in life that we will encounter lots of time.
you know the quote, “each prayer has 3 possible answers: yes, no, and not now.” if the answer is yes, then good, it’s perfect, your thought and God’s are in harmony. if the answer is not now, it’s still good, the only frustrating part is the stage of waiting, being patient and just wait.. you don’t know when, you don’t know how, but it will happen, so you’ll be happy in time. now this is the real challenge.
what if God says NO?
when you ask for a VISA to study abroad, and God did not give you one. how do you feel? when you trained very hard each and every day, and God still did not put you on your school’s basketball team. how do you feel? when you pray for the healing of your sick and dying  father, and God still takes him home. how do you feel? when you applied for your dream university, and God put bold letters ‘REJECTED’ on your application. how do you feel? really, what if God says no?
would you still give Him the praises He deserved? would you still worship Him? would you still be thankful and grateful for whatever He has done? would you still trust in Him? would you still serve Him with the same passion you had when He said yes? would you still seek Him? would you still remain faithful to Him as when He gave you blessings?
it is an indubitably humbling process, a process where you will learn that this world is not a wish-granting factory, that the phrase “what you want is what you get” does not exist, that God cannot give you everything that you want, but instead, He will give you everything you need. when God says no, the world may seem as if it is tearing apart, as if you are standing alone, it sucks, it really is. but how will you respond to it? how will you respond to a NO?
God can take everything from you, God can make you feel depressed and miserable. but He will always be there, He never leaves, and never will, it is just a matter of how you would respond. when you are left with nothing else, and if you search for Him with a genuine heart, you will realize that His love is sufficient, His grace is enough, and His presence is adequate.
when God answers NO, remain faithful, keep your belief and trust in Him. always remember that behind every NO, there will be a “I have something better in mind.” God will give you a better answer. even better than what you want. God loves you more than you expect His love to be. God loves surprises; His plans are mind-blowing, unexpected, and unimaginable.
“we may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall.” – Proverbs 16:33
i know it’s easier said than done. but keep your faith!
still learning,
Kimberly Subianto

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