Ugly Truth or Beautiful Lie

as the title says, there are two different information opposing each other, one is lie, and the other is truth. and then there comes another circumstance where the truth is devastating to the ear, and the truth is all the other things you DON’T want to hear, that is the ugly truth. but every person has the choice to say the opposite things, which are lies. lies that are sweet to the ear, lies that will make you feel relieved and in remedy temporarily, well, or permanently, if you never know the truth. why do i say temporarily? because some truths are not meant to be hidden, the cat will come out of the bag some time, some how.
now what will happen next if that happened? (sorry for the repetitive use of happen) anyway, yes what’s going to happen? the person who you lied to will be furious, the level of their anger will depend on how significant the truth is. the truth may even break your relationship with the person, trusts built are destroyed. personally, i don’t know which one’s better, ugly truth or beautiful lie, because at some cases, i would rather listen to lies than truths. but at some point, as bitter as the truth may sound, i would rather listen to it and accept it the way it is. pfft. i know, i know, humans are confusing aren’t they?
let’s take an example. say there’s A, and there’s B. A&B love each other very much, they’re inseparable. but B does not know all of A’s past. in one phase of their relationship, they’re having a big fight, they did not broke up. but then A met another woman C, A was having an affair with C. however, B never knew about it. not long, C broke A’s heart, then A realized that only B can love him that much. only B can understand A as well as an adult knows the alphabet. so from then on, A tried to change to become a better person, and a better partner for B. then they got married. now, after A has changed his attitude, his behavior, his mind set, his perspective, A has changed to a much better person, to a person that is perfect for B, must A speak the truth to B? yes or no?
yes? sure, B will forgive A as he has made a new commitment to be a better person. and A got the credit for telling the ugly truth. but B will never see A the same way as before. B will always have second thought that suggests that A might be turning back to the old A, and have an affair with another person. B will never trust A completely, the way B did before.
no? this will be perfect if A is sure that B will never know. because if she knows about it from another person, she will be mad, like really mad. she would prefer to know the truth from A himself, and not another person. trusts broken, and their marriage may follow them too.
A will surely regret for not telling B sooner. the question is, why do we sometimes choose to tell beautiful lie than to spill out the ugly truth? fear. guilt. shame. yes all of those. fear that the person will be angry at you. the feeling of guilt because you just did something bad. the shame you have to bear because you yourself are unhappy with what you did.
my point is guys, always try to speak the truth. regardless of how ugly it is, how bitter it is, how messy things can go after you tell the truth. because you know, people will find out the truth eventually, and believe me, things can go even uglier and messier. truths are easier to be get over with. this is all i can say. you choose: what would you rather have, an ugly truth or a beautiful lie. leave your answer in the comment box below!
thanks for reading.
love, Kimberly Subianto


One thought on “Ugly Truth or Beautiful Lie

  1. I wonder why none of your friends join in the discussion. Your writing is pretty meaningful.

    An ugly truth is always better, no matter how painful.

    Beautiful lies are like spiderweb, the more you leave them be, the bigger and more dangerous they get. Until one day they overwhelm you.


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