They Say Time Heals

you know when you’re heartbroken, then your friends keep on telling you, “time heals, my friend.” then you believe them, each day you wake up, telling yourself, time heals, time heals, it will heal. but seriously, does it heal? why do we wake up each day with the same pain in our hearts, with the same weight on our shoulders.
they say time heals, but actually time does not heal. they say time heals just to make you wake up each day with a hope, you hope that today may be the day. the day when you feel everything is okay.
and if time does heal, it will still leave you scars behind, scars that won’t go away, scars that will bring back flashbacks of what had happened. and you can’t run away from them, you can’t escape from the fact that you have been hurt. those are the things you have to live with, each and every day.
they say time heals, but i think what they really meant is that everyday you will find a way to accept the truth, and live with it. realize it or not, each day you wake up stronger and better. until one day, you wake up and you find that you are strong enough to accept everything, and just move on with your life. and that’s when they say time heals, where actually the wounds does not heal, but time strengthens you until you have the strength to overcome all the pain. after all, the past is the past. you can’t change the past, but one thing for sure, you can either be hold back to your past, or you can break the rope holding you back and move on with your life.
so, i’m not writing this to discourage you or anything. but, “pain demands to be felt.” (The Fault In Our Stars) it is inevitable, you can’t run from it, you can’t hide from it. sooner or later, you will feel it. but you can choose to be stronger and tougher each day until one day, you can tell the pain: “go away, i don’t fear you anymore, don’t hold me back.” and that’s when time heals.
learn from the past, accept reality, move on with your life,
Kimberly Subianto


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