Farewell Messages To YOU!

 so tomorrow is the day I will be flying out to Vancouver for my future studies. I would like to thank all of you, yes you you you you and definitely you! it’s been a great 17 years of my life here in Indonesia, and it won’t be as wonderful as today without the presence of each and every one of you. I am really thankful to God for bringing all of you folks into my life. it’s been fantastic. the last night here makes me think of all the things i’ve been through, all my pasts. there are ups and downs, but in the end of the day, i am grateful for every single thing i bumped into. for every ‘hello’, for every ‘thank you’, for every ‘sorry’, it’s not a ‘good bye’ i don’t want it to be, it’s a ‘good bye dear, till we meet again!’ I love you guys to death and today in this post, i will try to write a few sentences to EVERY ONE OF YOU GUYS! literally, EVERYONE! so, come come continue reading this post, your name may be in here! i’m sorry if i left out some names, this is my bad habit.
so i would like to thank, first of all, MY FAMILY! BIG BIG BIG BIG family of SUBIANTO! FAMISIP! I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCHHHHOOOOOO. you guys are the ones who will always drag my heart back home but physically i’m not home! really, thank you! :’)
to MOM– thank you for everything, for the love, and care, for raising me up until this day. THANK YOU FOR INHERITING YOUR BEAUTY TO ME! (HAHAHAH) i’m sorry if i disappoint you at times, but i promise you, from now on, i will make you proud. i’ll always miss the delicious home-made dishes you cook for me. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU.
to DAD- i know you’re not here physically to see me study abroad. but i’m sure you’re always watching us from the Heaven. that’s why i always feel protected, because i already have a Guardian Angel. thank you dad. thanks for teaching me about selflessness, unity, and the greatest one of all, LOVE. i will always miss you. you’ll be a proud father! J
to BABY TEA-heyyy baby! you have been such a PERFECT sister to me. without you my life will be flat! seriously, you are always there to bring smiles and laughter to our family. i will miss you, each and every second i’m not with you. good luck on your studies. behave okay! take care of mom!
to KOKO- hello brother! though i annoy you sometimes, but you annoy me most of the times. so, you’re worse. but i know that i love you, but you love me more. hahahah. thanks for everything, thanks for picking me up after gym, thanks for being there. as for now, i want to wish you all the best for your studies. be good, study well. remember, you’re the backbone of our family. love you!
to AMA- amaaaaa! i will miss you! i will miss your voice when you say “kim, udah kasih duit belom?” repeatedly. you know i always wanted to say yes all the time 😛 but i didn’t. take care of yourself, watch out for the sugar intake! don’t get angry with the maid okay. see youuu!
to TANTE HONGING- hai tante! thank you for your presence in Geng Sabtu, without you, it won’t be as fun. i’ll miss the way you say “BOLEH LU” hehehehe. take care 🙂
to AKO LIMEI- halo akooo!! thank you very much for your attention, your love, and everything. you’re a great aunt. one note for you, don’t stress yourself!
to OM FRANS- halo om, we don’t talk much. but one thing i know for sure, you saved me once in my childhood. if it weren’t for you, i may not be here. so a BIG THANKYOU FROM ME!
to CECE NTO- halo cece! thank you for the noodles every Sunday morning! thank you for bringing joy and happiness to our gathering every time. thank you for sharing God’s words every morning! though i didn’t read all of it, i am still blessed. thank you.
to SING2FUNG2- halooooo DP! you always remind me of cut tary so there you go! hahahah. GET FAT! you’re too skinny!
to AKO LIPING- helloooo my AussieAunt! heheheh. thank you for all the attention and the love, out of no where you bbm me and ask me how i’m doing, that made me smile! i know you’re always praying for me, so thank you J
to OM TJUN- halo om! i’ll always remember the Christmas we as a whole spend together, that time you were playing the drum in the band! you’re not that pro, but we enjoyed it afterall. thank you!
to CECE MINGSING- ceceeee! thank you for everything. thank you for the coffees you get every Saturday in Geng Sabtu. thank you for helping me gather all the documents for visa. i appreciate every single thing you do. good bye 🙂
to SING2MILA- hai sing! thank you for making me your ‘anak angkat’ hahahah i don’t remember a thing, but i’m sure it was fun, because i’m happy up until today. thank you for everything!
to AKO LICIEN- AKOOOOOO you’re the most generous person i’ve ever met. thank you for Geng Liburan. i had so much fun. a day spent with you is a day full of food, my stomach is full! keep spreading love 🙂 i will miss you!
to OM KAMTO- halo om! thank you for your Christmas gift, the ksubi jeans will always remind me of you. take care!
to CIKARIN- hello big sister! oldest in the fam! thank you for all your hard work organizing ALL the events we had in the past years. without you, each occasion will be boring! good luck on your career, i’ll miss you! and also good luck on your love life. i’ll be there on your wedding day. (OF COURSE!) much loveeeee!
to CIALYSSA- yo Aussie cousin! thanks for sharing the beautiful quotes from the book. they are a blessing for me. i will miss you. i will miss the times we all went to Sydney together.
to CIZAZA- hellooooo cisasa! at this time you’re in Melbourne already. i hope you have a great time, because i will. thank you. whenever i’m with you, i can never be sad or annoyed. you are Ms. Happiness of the big family. take care!
to KOSANDER- hello! we don’t talk much but i’ll always remember the time when we found that ‘something’ on the bed during our Gold Coast trip. that night we talked about everything. miss those times. good luck in Michigan!
to MALVIN- hey amoyyyyy! sorry for calling you that. but you’ve been VERY GOOD to me! you’re like the best of the best. thanks for all the jokes! i’ll always remember the times you introduce me to everyone as your girlfriend. i’ll miss you! ace that SAT! get into the uni you wanted! love you!
to ALVIN- oi gendutttttt! you’re annoying, yet funny.. slim down okay, don’t eat too much. good luck on your studies, i’ll see you soon, piggy!
to ANDEDU- hello andrewww the photographer of the fam! thanks for capturing all the moments, all the memories. thanks for introducing me to brands! hahahah. good luck on your studies, and your SAT too. i’m sure you will succeed!
to NAOMI- HAI OMI! you’ve grown up to be a sweet and beautiful woman! keep your head up, chase your dreams! i will miss you!
to DIORRA- hai dede diorra! i will always miss the way you laugh, and all your nail polish! different every week! good luck! and take care.
to EDRIK- HALO EDRIK! thanks for being a sweetheart. thanks for putting family first above others. you will grow up to be a great man, a man with a big heart. i will always remember the times you had a little crush on me! HAHHAHAHAH. embarrassing old memories, isn’t it? i will miss you!
to ICHA CHU- heyyyy chuuu anakku! i know you will miss me, there will be no one to massage you again! hahaha. thanks for all the great times you have given me. thank you for all your love. see you in 8 months. and if you have any problem with your homework, contact Tea, or ME! i’ll be willing to help 🙂
to DERRIEL- hai derriell! lookkk there’s mom! DESSSSSS. hahahha. i never say this, but i love you! your desire for God is amazing. keep it! 😀
guys, maybe at this part of the post you may get bored already. told you i have a BIG family. hahahah. but there’s that. now next! the people from the BBM GROUP “ORANG2GENDUT” HAHHAHA funny name right, ah just read…
to NAT- NAAAATTTTT i will miss you soooo damn much! i’ll miss the way you laugh! the way you talk and tell a story enthusiastically. you’re effortlessly funny. good luck in Boston! see you in December? YES! leggoooo.
to MARY- MARYY the Cali girl! hahahah. thank you for everything okayyy. thanks for all the fun we had. i will always remember the way you laugh, the one with the flapping thing! hahahha. see you in December as well, don’t meet your fam!
to STELLA- stellaaaaaaaa the girl with the funny love stories. hahahahha. i will miss you! thanks for introducing me to nasi goreng bu Tin! it’s soooo deliciousoooo! love you!
to ZHU- zhezhuuuuuu the other Cali girl! i miss the times we played basketball togetherrrrrr. i want to turn back time 😥 i hope we will have time in the future to play basketball again. good luck on your studies. see you in Dec darl!
to NINI- yo stranded girl, only you go to Aussie! but never mind, we can hang out in Indo! thank you for sending me back home most of the time 😀 you never take no for an answer. heheheh. let’s play basketball! i miss you!
to JESLINEEEE-  heyyyyy buddy! i promise you we will have tons of fun in Vancouver! remember, Jason Mraz on the 22 Sept! hahahha. see you soon, sexy!
NOW, ready or not. FLEMINGGGGGG! SCREAMMM! i thank you all for the amazing 5 years in BBS. each year we get closer and closer to each other until we are inseparable by heart. we are a class. we are a family. i will miss everyone sooo damn much. keep in touch! (hah siapa? siapa nanya!!)
to OEI- hai oei! thank you for the music you played, thank you for all the photos taken. i appreciate it! and thank you for sending me back home! hahahah. good luck in ITB. long last with gaby. i’m waiting for your wedding.
to BOTTY- bottyyyy the clown of the class, funny in so many ways! we sat together in class. and you’re supposed to be in one campus as me! but no worries, see you soon! don’t forget me once you get to Hollywood okay! introduce me to Ian Somerhalder! :D:D
to AYUGITA- yo future doctorrrrr! thanks for all the fun and crazy times we had! i’m crazy, but you’re insane! you have a complicated love life, but that what makes life beautiful isn’t it? i wish you all the very best. be a good doctor, don’t let anyone die okay! love you!
to ANGIE- hello future lawyer! don’t ask “kenapa?” too much okay, it’s annoying! hahahaha. kidding. you’re such a smart Homo Sapiens. and i’m sure you will tear down everyone in the court during each trial. good luck in UK! keep in touch.
to BERNARD- hello bernardbear! hahahah. k-pop fanboyyyy! good luck yaa, see you soon!!
to BILLEHHHH- thank you for the hilarious autotexts! they were all funny. and! i’ll always remember you as a part of the trio sexy. it’s an honor to be in the same group as you! DHA KHO BHIL!
to CHOOOOOOO- hachooo! i think every time i sneeze i will remember you! hahahha. you’re a good friend. good luck in US, i hope to see you soon!
to ODI- the first one to leaveeee! i witness Marco and Inez crying because you left, that alone showed me how great you are as a person. thanks for everything. good luck in the US! keep in touch!
to GABYYYY- hoiii warpsinski! everyone says it’s a cool name, so i agreed to name the hotel we build together as ‘the warpsinski hotel’ thanks for all the jokes, for all the jayusan. the class won’t be the same without you. good luck in UK, if i were you, i’ll stalk football players! they’re HOT!
to JASMINE- jasmineee and Aladdin! hahahha. i will miss the way you say “what sih you? why like that?” hahah good old times. thanks for all your innocence. one message, don’t be afraid of reproductive parts, especially the sperm. hahaha.
to JENNYYYYY- JENNNYYYYYYYYY Singaporean girl, how’s your accent going. i hope you don’t end your sentence with a ‘la’ hehehehhe. i will miss youuuu! good luck on your studies. and hope to see you soon J
to JOSHHHH- a funny man yes you are! you are so hairy! i thank you for all your funny hand gestures! keep in touch man!
to VINT- heyyyy vint hey vint siapa yang nangis nih. ahahahah thanks for the embarrassing moments spent together. don’t be sad ya! good luck in Prasmul!
to MERCY- mer don’t cry mer mer mer. hahaha i know you’ll not cry. you have a kind and soft heart, that’s a good quality in a person. i wish you good luck in China then in Swiss!
to PANDA- hey pandaaaa got any bamboos???? hahaha. thanks for the random jokes you post in group. i will miss you. you’re a caring person, really. whenever i tweeted stuff, you bbm me personally. it was so sweet of you J
to CUS- yo cussieeee thanks for the ride, most of the time! hahahaha. and thanks for all the jokes, funny or not. thank you. thank you for being there all the time. thanks for the stories you tell. i appreciate it. be a good doctor! save people! QUICK! see you in 8 months!
to RYANNN- remember the times we call you Tina? i’m sorry. hehehe. thank you for all the food you bring to school. you eat a lot. but it’s okay. the bigger the sexier right? good luckkk in your studies, and in your love life!
to HANS- yo MU guyyyy! mark my word, Arsenal will be first in the EPL this season! MARK. MY. WORD. thanks for all the nobar at your place. it was a fun experience. and thank you  for dying your hair. it’s bad. really. but that’s alright, YOLO! good luck in Germany. you’re a man with perspective. be good.
to SHANISE- heyyyy stickman! i love having you around, i wish we can still keep in touch! good luck on your dentistry! if you become one, i will be afraid of you.
to SONIA- the MOM of our class! i’ll miss you! thanks for reminding us to bring things, to do things, and others. thanks for the random gifts you give us, i really appreciate all of it. love you sonnn. good luck in UK (i’m sure you’ll get good marks for A-Levels) keep in touch!
to TIMMYYYY- rendanngggggg! ah those moments, will never forget them. thanks for everything, though you’re the oldest in our class, you’re bullied the most. hahahahha. good luck in Aussie!
a long list? ohhh this is just the start! hahahah. i am having so much fun writing all of this. this post will be the longest post i’ve ever written. hahahha but it was worth it. i hope i managed to mention each and every one of you. even if you don’t read it :p and now, to all of you!
to ELLA- ellaaaaa thank you for being a good friend. thanks for the doll, thanks for the shirt, thanks for the bracelet, thanks for everything! i will surely miss you! come come visit me in Canada and play basketball! good luckkkk darl!
to LEONA- BEASTTTTTT. will never forget youuuu. the times we compete against each other, and the times when we are in one team. i will miss you!
to MELEE- meleeeee keep doing what you love ya! BASKETBALL! we’ll play together soon! good luck on deciding your major.
to MALVIN(IPTO)- hai malvin. thanks for everything. i wish you good luck may you get accepted to UT Austin, right? keep in touch!
to CINDYAMADEA- heheheh cheaaa. you’ve been a good friend to me. please, i have one wish, grow your hair looooonggggggg. good luck on your medical studies. i will ask for a free treatment once you become one. see you soon!
to OLA- halo olaa! thanks for picking me up, sending me back home? for everything! hehehhe. good luck for your future studies! keep in touch okayyy!
to ISA- isaaaaa long time no see. i miss you! let’s play some ball! thanks for all the fun we had on the court. i hope to see you real soon. good luck!
to RAISA- helloooooo eleven addict! or the three-pointer! you have such a handsome boyfriend. justinn. long last yaaa. good luck for your studies in the US. keep in touch!!
to CISHINDY&CIJEK- yooo cici cici baskettttt. GM will not be as fun without both of you. both of you had been a role model to me. thanks for everything. good bye, wish me luck sisterssss!
to JEMER- jemerrrrrrrr calon dokter, jangan lupa kasih gw konsultasi gratis in the future! hahahh keep in touch and see you soon 🙂
to CI ALLENE- halooo ci allene! thanks for the countless experiences on and off the court. we’ll meet again some time to play basketball together alright! keep in touch! 😀
to CI LINA- ci linaaaaa the SanFran girl. if i can RT a message above this ^^^^ heheheheh. yaaa see you soon! maybe we’ll meet up somewhere in Union Square some time. keep in touch!!!!
to CHRISTIELIENATA- christieeeee si cantikk! hahahahah. go sleep now, you have school tomorrow. just kidding. i will remember the times when we are playing against each other. i hope to see you soon!
to DEWI- hai dewi hai hai hai! thank you for everything! i enjoyed playing basketball with you, and i hope to see you soon. good luck!
to KIMPUNG- kimmm kembaran gw. i will always remember you as the other Kimberly with the number 11 on her back! hahahaha. good luck yaaaa di Aussie. hope you do well! keep in touch!
to CHIKACHIKOY- hai chika ;;) remember the time when you cry because it’s the last game together? ah i miss youuuuuu. and remember the time when you took a picture with inyong? hahahaha. always keep in touch okee!!
to ANGGIE- anggieeee are you here? @anggieishere! ahahhahaa you’re a sweet little girl, and you’ve grown up already. i’ll miss you too. thanks for the great time. good byeeeee.
to MARCELINA- LINAAAAA. the girl with the crazy hair. thanks for everything, we’ve known each other for a long longgg time. good luck in deciding your major. i’ll miss youuuu. keep in touch!
to DEVIDCUMI- bro bro thanks for coaching me basketball. thanks for the great times on the court. all the best for your fam. i hope Cheryl grows up not like you, and be a beautiful little girl hahahah. keep in touch.
to MARVINLEE- thank you for everything! thanks for the ride and the fun and the talks we had. i wish you all the besttt, see you soon!
to TARAWUZZ- SUMPAH ADA ORANG KAYAK GINI? known you for a year, but you’re such a good company. keep bringing laughter to people around you. be a good engineer!
to RHEZA- helloooo skinny boy. i will always remember the times we went to see FAVOR together, or watch a basketball match. keep in touch!
to DIDI- didiii honestly i don’t like what you did to your hair. but ha! does it matter? hahahah. anyway good luck in Japan! bring home a Japanese girlfriend!
to MATTHIAS- matttttt. i will always remember the time when Arsenal beats Chelsea 5-3! hahahah we should do more nobars together during the holiday. keep in touch, good luck! Arsenal will win this season!
to TARALEE- TARAA good luck on your studies in Melbourne University. FOUR more days to A-Levels results but i’m sure you did great. keep in touch and we’ll meet soon!
to STEFAN THE GOONER- thanks for all the ARSENAL tweets! let’s continue supporting Arsenal! hahahahha. this season will be the end of the title drought i’m sure! hahahaha. good luck on your future studies. keep in touch!
to JESSOEI- yo jessoeiii! i see you’re a fan of Ian Somerhalder now. don’t worry, i’ll introduce you to my future boyfie soon. hahah good luck on you’re a-levels!
to STEPHGOENARSO- stephanieeeee! the fitness princess. i will see you next year with some sexy abs alright! i’ll miss youu at the gym! keep in touch 🙂
to KLAUDIA- klauuuu. i will never forget the times when we struggle together in a basketball game. you are good at it. keep playing and we’ll play together during the hols. see you!
to SIEN- siennnnn thanks for the great time on the court! good luck with your future studies. keep playing for the fun of it! keep in touch.
to LALA&LUCI- heyyy 2 lovebirds. you guys better last looonggggg enough till death do you apart. don’t forget to invite me to your wedding! hahahah.
to MELI- melonnn. keep playing basketball yaaaaa. and we’ll play some once i get back. good luck in the US. hope to see you soon!
to ANGELdomolol- domolololololol. i still don’t get it why would you change your name to domolol. hahah anyway, thanks for all the pictures you have taken! improve everyday! good luck!
to AUDREYM- hi! thanks for the Kit Kat hahahah. it’s super yum. thanks for everything else. i wish you will have a great time in BBS and good luck on your future studies. keep in touch.
to NICK- hey nick i don’t know if you remember me when you’re still in primary, i used to call you the cute boy in Aunty Lina’s hahahah. don’t grow up ya!
to YOVITA- hai yovitaaaa. hahahah, i will not forget you. you’re a sweet girl. keep playing basketball yaaa, you’re good at it. good luck! keep in touch.
to ELAINEHARTONO- yo Elaine, alisson junior with the beautiful face. hahahah you’ll grow up into a great successful woman. don’t forget me and i won’t forget you. good byeeeee keep in touch!
to ALISSONHARTONO- halo sonnn. been a long time since we talked, but good luck in UofWash! don’t be a victim of Freshman 15 alright! hahahah. keep in touch. we’re just 2 hours of bus away!
to ANGELINEHENDRIK- haloooo gel! i’m going. hahaha good byeee. i’ll remember the time when we go out together. good luck! keep in touch J
to CLAUDIANOVIRA- hey pretty girl aka November ceriaaaaa. hahahha. nothing much butttt good luck in BBS! good luck on your IGCSE. keep in touch! x
to ELLOBA- elloooooo my partner in crime in the gym! hahahah. i’ll miss you very veryyyyy much! keep working out alright! and when i get back, we will go to Anggie’s classes again! and if i meet Ian, don’t be jealous! hahahaha. i wish you luck in Bandung. have fun yaaa. keep in touch!
to STELAWANDA- stelaaaaaa good luck in Pensacola! tell me about it how you survive and everything else okay hahahahha. maybe when i visit Florida some time we can meet up. keep in touch!
to KENZI- hellooo jay chou! hahahah. i would be bias if i wrote a page for you but just 2-3 sentences for the rest. but here it is. thanks for everything, thanks for the great times we share, thanks for the time you spend on me. thank you. i’ll miss you. take care ya di Bandung. 8 months and i’ll see you! byeeeeee.
to BEJO- yo bejooo, how’s AC Milan doing? bad? wohoo! hahahah. thanks for everything. good luck in your law school. see you soon!
to CHELEBUM- cheleeeee. kim bum is getting uglier and uglier each day T___T ah that’s okay, we have IAN now! hahahah. he’s so hot i’m burning! keep in touch yaaa chele. eat more, don’t be too skinny.
to RANDYSANTOSO- yo randyyy sorry gw udah lupa lu jadinya kuliah kemana -____- wherever it is, good luck man! keep in touch yaa. thanks for everything!
to JOSHUANG- huanggg known each other for a short time, but you’ve done so much to help me. thanks for the TOMS! hahahahah. and for everything else. good luck on your studies in Oregon. we’ll be the future engineers B-)
to WILLYAM- yo willlll. gute natch! hahahah. how’s Germany treating you? thanks for everything. it was great. and i hope we can keep in touchhhh!
to DJ DEMAS- yo broderrrrrr. we only met a few times, or is it just one time? but that’s alright, the next time i see you will be on a TV screen. good luck on your studies and CAREER. come meet me and we have to take a pic before you get all famous and stuff. keep in touch!
to NATHANAELB- nathannnnnn. thanks for reading my blogs! thanks for liking it. i appreciate it i really do. thanks for trusting me as a friend to listen to your stories. hahahah. keep in touch yaaa good luck!
to DENZTYO- denzz foursquare jumper master, hahaha. thanks for sharing everything! thank you for helping me unlock the badges. tapi sekarang gw udah rada males gak tau kenapa! hahahaha. oh well. good luck on everything you do bro. keep in touch!
to TIAMELLYNDA- tiaaaaaaa the crazy girl hahahah. won’t forget you, and of course theo boon teck. hahahah. thanks for the ride home the other day. keep in touch! and see you when i see you!
to MEME- meme si cantikkk hahahha. i’ll remember all the basketball matches we had BBS against IICS. hehehe. good luck on your studies. in the US is it? keep in touch!!!
to VINCENCEN- cencenn it’s great to know you. hahahha. good luck on your final assessments? and keep in touch yaaaa.
now this! THIS is the IP of my life! without them i’ll be nothing but just a person. KESAN friendssss. though we don’t gather every week, or even if we don’t have lots of quality talk, my spiritual life grew up here. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! now to thank you guyssssss:
to CI JENJEN- ci jen jennnnn thank you thank you thank you! you are a woman of God. you are the person i look up to and i admire you. thanks for being such a nice and sweet sister to me. i wish you ALL the very best in Pensacola. and maybe sometime if i have the chance to visit Florida i’ll meet you there. keep in touch and see you soon!
to JONJON- sorry for not putting a ‘ko’ in front hahahah. that’s kinda awkward i guess? thanks for everything, thanks for the advices, thanks for the words, thanks for sharing. you are an inspiration. good luck and see you real soon!
to KAK EARLYN- kak earlynnnn. thanks for being a good leader! thanks for sharing to us. you’re a blessing to me. and i will miss you! i definitely will find another KESAN there hehehehe. good luck on your studies! keep in touch and i’ll see you soon 🙂
to JASON- jasoooooooooooo. thanks for the topic you brought up last 2 weeks and other things you share. i’m really grateful to get to know you. good luck in choosing a major and a university. we shall keep in touch. and keep the KESAN going!
to TEMO- temooo temo temooo. you’re all grown up! READ THE BIBLE! hahahah. that’s my last message for you. so please do hahahah. keep in touch temoo! tambah jago yah main basketnya!
to ROBIN- robinnnnnnnnnnn the crazy guyyy. thank you THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. for your jokes, for your advices, for your words, for sharing, for everything. the next time i see you, you better have a girl by your side hahahahha. kidding. good luck for everything bro. keep in touch ya!
to DENNIS- yo 2metre guy! thanks for everything, for the tips on fitness! hahahah. and everything else. good luck on your studies ya! the next time i see you, you have to be all bulk up! hahahah. keep in touch byeeee. oh and thank you for introducing me to PETRA, yang sekarang kayaknya udah ganti bb K
to JOSHUA- jossss. i hope your knee get well very very soonnn. good luck on your studies, and in choosing a major. keep in touch!
to ANDREW- NDRUUUUUU the drummer! thank youuuu for the rides home! hehehe. thank you for sharing, thank you for lots of things. i hope you have a good time each day. long last with your girl! keep in touch and see you soon!
to BRANDON- brandonnnn! thank you for everything ya. i will always remember you as the bully in SLB the Movie. hahahah. keep in touch and see you soonnnnn!
to BRIAN&BIU2- helloooo. i hope both of you grow up to become 2 great people. hahaha. see you when i see you!
okay, i hope i got everyone here. or at least the ones who read. sorry buat yang gak ada -___- it’s too much. thank you for reading this LOOOOOOONNGGGGG post. tomorrow i’ll be flying out. so have me in your prayer tonight 🙂 good bye everyone, till we meet again someday somewhere, we will. have a blessed night! oh and, let me know if you come to Vancity some day!
your friend, your daughter, your sister, your niece, your cousin, your (fill in the blanks),
Kimberly Subianto
Jakarta, 9 August 2012
“people come and go, you guys came, and never left!”

2 thoughts on “Farewell Messages To YOU!

  1. Kim… very kind of you to give a message to each one of us :D. But seriously, it took almost three months for me before finding your post. hahaha (‐^▽^‐). Anyway, keep in touch and stay healthy, especially since you're living in a foreign land for now. Cheers 🙂


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