Thanksgiving Special

Hey, guys! It’s THANKSGIVING weekend here in Canada! I am so glad I can enjoy this long weekend. I say it is quite a productive weekend. I went to Synergy, which is a worship night, had such a great time meeting new people and worshipping God with one voice. I also went to church, where we have a Thanksgiving Sunday. Man, the message was so powerful yesterday. Made me realize that gratitude is the attitude to have. To be grateful in every circumstance we are faced to, even the storms in life. And next is probably the highlight of my weekend. After church, we had Thanksgiving Dinner (special THANKS to D&V for hosting us!). I think that was my first time celebrating thanksgiving. It was so special that I get to spend it with my beloved family in Christ, the HFAN V-Camper! We had turkeys. YUM! Oh oh ohhhh. After the dinner, we also pranked our lovely JE. (HAPPY 21st JE!!) We had a lot of fun kidnapping her, drawing on her face, and feeding her spicy mango ice cream! Such a great night spent with friends! On the Thanksgiving Day itself, which is today, I studied the whole day for my midterm on rocks and minerals. I know right, even though it’s a long weekend, you know what’s coming up… MIDTERM.
But yes, to sum up my Thanksgiving weekend, I am so thankful for my friends, Vancouver, you, and simply everyone in my life. I also had the chance to go around Downtown Vancouver to ask people around what they are thankful for. It was such a great experience to watch people take a second or two of their time to think of one thing they are thankful for. Many times in our lives, we get too caught up with our daily routines and busyness and we forget to take a moment just for ourselves. To seize the moment and see how lucky we are to be the way we are today. To seize the moment and recognize the presence of each and every people placed in our lives. I love seeing how people are thankful for the little things in their lives. Because at the end of the day, it is the little thing that matters.
It’s just a simple message I want to get to you. Be thankful. Maybe yes, it is easier to be thankful when we are on top of the world. But when we are at rock bottom, is there any way we can still be thankful? I guess there is. Be thankful that you are going through the storms in life, because then, you will get stronger. Be thankful that you are given obstacles in life, because then, you will learn how to endure. Trust me, I’ve been through rough and bitter moments in my life. And when I actually learn how to go through them with thankfulness and gratitude, things start to change. I guess the way I perceive things changes, and it will get easier. Of course, I won’t be able to do it without the comfort of the Holy Spirit. But yeah, gratitude is the key.
I think I shall stop now and let you guys watch the video I’ve compiled below. I know it is nothing much, but I hope it can be a blessing for you all. I hope it’s just one of those things you can be glad for after you watch it! Share it with your friends, family, and everyone! On this Thanksgiving Day, be thankful for what you have, for what you don’t have, and for the company you are with! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, beautiful people! ❤

Be thankful,
Kimberly Subianto

“Too many times we curse the rain in our lives—suffering, trials, hardships—but the truth is, without rain nothing grows. Without rain there’s no fruit—just dry, flaky, and nasty leaves. Sometimes suffering is actually God’s blessing rather than God’s curse.”-Jefferson Bethke, Jesus > Religion


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