Day 365.

Day 365 of 2013. So I took some time to flashback several events and seasons of my life throughout the year. Looking back, there are four special roles that kept me going, and I just won’t survive 2013 without them.

one. FAMILY. To the most cheerful and crazy-yet-loving family I know, thank you. If there is one thing I learn from them, it’s unity. Thank you for showing me that it is okay to fall because you’ll be down there to get me and cheer me on to pick myself up. Throughout the year, it becomes clearer that we are many but one, different but alike. So very grateful for being able to spend the last few days of 2013 together with the big family. Here’s to many more years of togetherness, to many more years of family drama, to many more years of happiness (and sadness) together, to many more years of tears and laughter, to many more years of food adventures, and lastly, to many more years of love and warmth. I love each and everyone of you!

two. FRIENDS. Trust me when I say I have the best groups of friends in the world. They are the friends who makes me feel comfortable just being the way I am. They put me no pressure, no pressure at all, on how I should look, or how I should dress, or how I should behave. They are loving, caring, fun, and sometimes foolish (in a good way). They like to make each other fat, but some just cheat the way out and not grow fat. Throughout the year, I’ve seen friends come and go. Some old ones left, and some stay. But some new friends appear. Whichever you are, thank you. Thank you for being a part of this life I have right now. You’re awesome.

three. ARSENAL. Yes guys, don’t judge. I take this seriously. Like really, I would wake up at 3AM in the morning just to see them drawing to Chelsea. But that’s alright. I was feeling so happy in the end. I would watch them score goals against Munchen in class and just hold my shout of joy. Fun times. Well for Arsenal, they give me a picture of how life works. It’s unpredictable, but with enough practice, perseverance, and some great qualities, you can somewhat get a little bit of hold of it. Arsenal gives me hope that even on my darkest moment, even when some important people shut me out, I can still soar up high. Arsenal inspires me to perform better at each game of my life. One of my wish for 2014 is seeing the Arsenal team lifts up a trophy, or two, or three. Really hope it can come true! Hahahha. But yup, Arsenal is pretty important to me.

last but the greatest. GOD. Of course, I will not have all those gifts above without Him. So shoutout to the greatest Man alive out there, in here (points to heart), and up there. Throughout the year, He never fails to show me His greatness and beauty. Every sunset I watch, every leaves that turn colour during autumn, every snowflakes that softly fall to the ground. They add on to the fact that He does beautiful and amazing works. And it is one beautiful thing to know that the God who create all those breathtaking nature also create me. It is also awesome to see how He beautifully orchestrates the circumstances happening in my life. Though sometimes it is only beautiful in His eyes, I hold on to my faith that at the end of the road, I can look back and stand in awe of the beauty of the bigger picture.

So to everyone reading this. Take a moment to just sit and look back at the things that happen this year. Then soon you’ll realize that you’ve done a pretty good job. Give yourself a pat on the back, for this 2013 is another milestone to greater things in your life. If there’s anything you’re unsatisfied with, don’t regret it. Instead, learn from them and take them with you to the new year 2014. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing, only better. Start your 2014 with gratefulness, with joy, and hopefully, an Arsenal victory over Cardiff City (hehehehe)

Happy New Year 2014 to you all.

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