a table in the wilderness.

Hola, everyone! I am currently on a plane flying from Vancouver to Taipei. You can say that it is my ritual to write a blogpost in the fly, because is there any better thing to do during a 12-hour flight? I am one flight away from home and you can say that I am super duper excited to be back. It’s been a year since I last saw my family and tasted tons of Indonesian indulgence. So yes, you’ll know where I’ll be or what my Instagram (@kimberlysubi) posts will be in the next three weeks and three days! Hahahah. (I only got the chance to post it now that I’m home. Greetings from Indonesia!)

One of the things I miss from Indonesia is home cooked dinner made by my lovely mother. Let me tell you something, she can cook. I miss sitting at the dinner table with the whole family and catching up the past year we spent away from one another over dinner. It’s always a good quality time spent with them. I am going to talk a bit more regarding ‘the table’.

When I hear the word ‘table’, I’d like to associate it with dining table where family members would gather together and connect with one another. The table is where relationships are made – be it with your family or your friends. It is a place of togetherness and reconciliation. It is a place where you can sit down and stop thinking about your hectic daily routines to really enjoy the things that really matter – your company and the feast that is prepared before you. It is a place where interesting discussions are brought up. And although sometimes arguments will be raised, at the end of the day, everyone tries to understand each other’s perspectives and thoughts.

//They tested God in their hearts by demanding the food they craved. They spoke against God, saying, “Can God spread a table in the wilderness?”– Psalm 78:18-19

We ask the question,
“Can God set a table in the wilderness”?
He can.
He surely can.
But the question should really be,
“Will you take the time
to sit with Him at the table?
Though you are in the midst
of the wilderness?”
He prepared a table before you.
And He wants you there.
Are you too busy wandering around
hunting for food to survive?
Come home.
Return back home.
He set a table before you.
Even in the wilderness.
He wants to connect with you.

In this journey we call life, we are faced with many different type of wilderness. Many times, we are too driven to go out there into the wild in the pursuit of survival. We try to use our own puny power and strength to look for food to sustain ourselves. We look for ways, shortcuts and tricks to figure out the different traps we can use to get what we want. And yet, on the move driven by our own abilities, we still ask the question, can God set a table in the wilderness?

It’s funny how we ask that question over and over again without even trusting that it can actually happen. It is rather odd for us to trust God with the big thing in our lives, that is salvation, and yet, many times we fail to trust Him with our ‘simpler’ situations/problems. You see, if God can raise Jesus from the dead, don’t you think He has all the power in this world to let us thrive in facing our battles in life? I guess that tells a lot about the nature of humans’ thought. We like to be in control – in which to some extent, is not bad! But sometimes, it is just too easy for us to forget that there is a Higher power who cares for us, that though we are faced with all the uncertainties in life, He perfectly sees the bigger picture. He created us. And when we are on the move, He quietly whispers, “Be still, My child. Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

May this be an encouragement to you all. Whatever wilderness you are in right now, maybe you’re struggling with school, family, finance, whatever it is, and you kept on asking, “where are you, God?” Maybe it is time for you to just be still. Maybe being still is the only effort you have to make. As simple as it may sound, it isn’t. Be still and trust in the God who can spread a table in the wilderness for you. Come home. Sit down. Sync in to Him. And you’ll find yourself filled with peace as you surrender your wilderness survival kit to the One who knows it all.

In His Strength,
Kimberly Subianto


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