three life lessons from tims.

three life lessons from tims

5 weeks have passed by since I stepped on the grounds of Indonesia, and there are only 4 weeks to go. It is always exciting to go back home after a few months being away. And it is always hard to say goodbye, regardless of the number of times I’ve come and go. Ahh, it’s been a while since I last wrote a blogpost, and I finally gathered up all my will to write one today.

Well, I would like to dedicate this one to the man who constantly give me a ‘soft’ push (well, sometimes he can be mean too hahaha jk) to continue blogging. He’s the man who constantly reminds me of the different talents God has given to everyone, and how awesome it is if I can use it to hopefully bless others. And this man happened to just turn twenty-two last Monday (haha you’re old!). Without further a due, his name is Tim, as in Tim Hortons, or Nasi Tim, or Tim Tam. I can go on and on and on and on so please stop me now.

I met Tim in Vancouver. I was in my freshmen year, and he was in his sophomore. Well, he claimed to have met me in one of the high school basketball competitions in Jakarta. But yes, long story short, I’ve come to known him quite very well now. And throughout the years we’ve known each other, gosh I cannot stop listing down the different things I’ve learned from him. This post will name a few, and hopefully you all can be inspired as I am.

  1. Life is more simple when you know your priorities
    If you don’t know me, I am quite a people pleaser. I am also a yes-woman I would say. I’d like to say yes to many different things and that drives me nuts! It forces me to be this all-the-time-busy girl with little time to spare. Now that I think of it, maybe Tim started talking to me about this because he thought that we are not spending enough time with each other. Hemm, smart move, Tim, smart move. But in all seriousness, this one is a big deal. Tim shared about how he learned to prioritize things and how it can be very useful in times when he had to make a decision. It’s true. It has helped me escape from the contemplation mode when faced with decisions to make. Everyone has different priority in life – be it God, family, friends, work, etc. Mine might be different with yours, and that is okay. I encourage you all to give this a thought because it can really come in handy!
  2. Life is more meaningful when you know your motivation
    This is true. Many of us do things just for the sake of doing them. I won’t say it’s entirely wrong, but what satisfaction would it give? Doing things with the right motivation will definitely give more meaning and purpose to it. You may work hard to build up your career, but ask yourself. Why? Is it to prove someone that you are capable? Is it to gain all the fortune and fame you can have? Is it so that you can feel more confident about yourself? Or is it so that you can provide a good life for your future family? Ask yourself. It goes back to the question: why you do what you do (Read my post on this one right here). Tim reminded me to check again the motivation behind the things that I do. And believe me, it will allow you to pour your heart out as you do those things, and it gives you more joy as you accomplish them.

  3. Life is more beautiful when you know everything comes from God
    Every time we are looking for a parking spot in a mall, or even just back in Spectrum, Tim would most likely get one after a short period of time of waiting. He always told me that it is not mere luck, or coincidence, but it is all favor. God’s favor to be specific. Even though I get bored of him saying ‘this is called favor’ each time we get a parking spot, it speaks to me a lot. God gives, even in the simplest things. It encourages me to thank God constantly for the everyday things we encounter. It opens my eyes more widely to the different ways He can love. And to know that everything comes from Him, it stops me from boasting about myself, my possession, my talents, et cetera. Because really, I have nothing, but yet, I have everything because of Him. So guys, the next time you get an empty spot for your car, you can believe that it is just a coincidence, or you can believe in a more beautiful fact: it is God’s favor!

I hope the three things I share with you all can be encouraging as you live life, because it has definitely change the way I live mine or see things.

And dear Tim, it’s been a lovely and life-transforming adventure with you, and I am excited for what is to come. As you step in your twenty-second year of life, I pray that you may be a man after God’s very own heart, serving as He serves and loving as He loves. And like you said, may your life be a reflection of your thanksgiving to Him. Happy birthday, love. So here’s to the many more birthdays we are gonna rock together! Let’s live loud, but love louder!

Kimberly Subianto

PS. Below would be a series of photos from Tim’s birthday. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did 😉

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


IMG_7927 IMG_7928

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2 thoughts on “three life lessons from tims.

  1. Hey Kim,

    Great stuff!
    I’m glad Tim is impacting you in a very positive way. Keep growing together and putting Jesus in the center of your relationship. Trust me, it is the lifeline of a blessed relationship! 🙂

    Keep sharing your life’s journey in each and every blog. After all, it’s not your life to share. 🙂

    Love ya lil sis,


  2. Excellent blog post! I especially like Point #3. You two seem like an excellent couple and so encouraging to see you two pursue the Lord Jesus together.(Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor.) May you two continue to grow in love for Christ and for each other increasingly. Be Blessed!
    – Benjamin


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