you only live once.

you only live once

My brother’s passing definitely is another wake up call that life is indeed short. Life is too short to be wasted. Life is too short to be spent on things that don’t matter much to you. Life is too short to be filled with much stress and anxiety. Life is too short to not love people. Life is too short to be lived for myself. Life is too short to be left purposeless.

Yesterday, I watched the movie ‘The Bucket List’. It was rather a serious, yet meaningful movie about life. It said, 96% of the thousand people surveyed claimed that if they were given the choice to know the exact date they will die, they wouldn’t want to know. And if I were given the choice? I’d say I’d fall under the majority. Many would say that by knowing the exact ending point of your life, you could cross out more things on your bucket list, accomplish greater things, develop more meaningful relationship, or even live your life in a more purposeful way. I don’t know. It can definitely go both ways. Knowing the end of your earthly life might also drive you towards fear. The fear of not doing enough. The fear of not being the best you can be just yet. The fear of saying goodbye. And of course, the fear of death itself. So rather than focusing on death, why not focus on the life given. On being present right here, right now. Besides, I’ve always believed that this life we live is just a preparatory stage of what’s eternal.

The term ‘YOLO’ has been used ever so abusively and has in fact, lose its significant meaning. You only live once and that is so very true.

You only live once, embrace more of it.
You only live once, do more good.
You only live once, bring out more smiles.
You only live once, see more beauty in this world.
You only live once, laugh more often.
You only live once, find more joy.
You only live once, love more.
You only live once, live it right.

My dear friends, we only live once and for most of us, we don’t know when exactly will it end. Life… It’s full of the unknowns, the uncertainties. We don’t know what’s coming ahead of us. But we do know that we are living in the present, and we for sure can live it like there’s no tomorrow. I figured I’ve gone through enough to remind me of the continual grace as I wake up every morning and find myself still breathing. It’s another day to live. It’s another day for me to maybe skydive, or to maybe hike the Mt. Everest. Haha in all seriousness though, it’s another day God has given us to taste more of His love and goodness. It’s another day to appreciate the people around you before it’s too late. It’s another day to lend a helping hand to another self. It’s another day to do more – be it for God, for your loved ones, for yourself, or even for strangers. You are no accident, and you have a purpose – seek it, and chase after it! This life you live, may it be as meaningful as you are, as purposeful as you are, as beautiful as you are.

Thank you for letting me share my life with you all.

Kimberly Subianto

“Have you found joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others?”
-The Bucket List


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