twenty fifteen.


Where do I even start. 2015 has been one crazy year in many different ways. The uphill and the downhill, the thick and the thins, the joy and the mourning, the laughter and the tears, every single of them makes my 2015. My year has been filled with tremendous amount of blessing and favour, but to say that it was an easy year for me to get through would be a lie, because it certainly isn’t. And well, through it all, I can sincerely say that I am grateful everything that happened, happened. As I reflected back on my experiences throughout the year of twenty fifteen, I realized that there are at least four lessons on life that I can learn from my life.

  1. Life is short. Real short.

    I think many of us know this at the back of your mind. I mean, people tell you all the time. Life is short, so you gotta live it right, they said. But almost all the time our actions just don’t follow through. I learned it the hard way, but I finally get it I guess. Sometimes I kept on saying to myself, if only I knew my brother’s life is THAT short, I would have shown more that I love him, spent more time talking with him, went the extra mile to reach out and enjoy life with him. Yes, I have my own regrets, but you know what, it just means that I gotta learn from that. I started asking myself these questions as I approach 2016. “If life is short, what am I going to do with it today? If life is short, what can I give that will make a difference in someone’s life? If life is short, have I spent enough time and said enough ‘I love you’s to those who I hold dearly?” Ask yourself these very same questions. Let this be an encouragement for you all to embrace life. Embrace every single part of it. Embrace all that made you laugh. Embrace all that produced tremendous amount of joy. Embrace all that broke you. Embrace all that hurt you. Embrace relationships. Today, let the people you love know that you love them. Call your parents, give your #bae a hug, send your friends a text or two. And along the way, don’t forget to see others who are indeed in need of love – it might be a stranger sitting alone by the food court or the people in the streets who have nothing but themselves. Embrace life.

  2. Life on Earth is simply temporary.

    This one is an eye opener. And a life wake-up call for me. I think over the several years of my life, I have lost a bit of what (who) is precious to me that started to make me realize that life is not only short, but it is also temporary. The course of life we are living right now is nothing compared to what lies beyond death itself – eternity. I have experienced enough loss that has taught me to start running after things that are eternal. Not possession. Not fame. Not fortune. You name it. It puts me in a new perspective of almost all the things that I do. Just a few weeks back as I was on my exam week, I was studying so hard. (Yeah I’m your typical nerd!) But I was reminded of a question I ended up asking myself, “Am I studying this hard simply to build up my pride here on this temporary life, or am I doing this for something more?” For me, it challenges me to see past beyond what this world can give and to reach for His Kingdom. If there is one thing I started doing differently in my life, it’s to set my priorities straight. Let’s start treasuring and putting values on what’s really valuable and that will last forever, and let’s stop chasing after what’s temporary and can be gone tomorrow.

  3. ­Life is what you make out of it.

    This year, I have the pleasure of journeying life alongside my lovely boyfriend, Tim. I am so grateful for him and how he has been such a great impact in my life. One of the many things I’ve learned from him is to see the glass half full. No matter how terrible a situation is, there is always something to be grateful for as long as you open your eyes big enough to see it (although his eyes is not too big anyway :p lol just kidding bool). Sure, sometimes it’s just almost impossible to see where everything is going, but that’s where faith really comes in. And we can always come back to point number 3. Aside from that, more often than not, Tim continues to remind me that our life is not defined by the circumstances that happened in our lives, it is defined by who we really and how we make out of it. We should not let the things occurring around us determine how we act and respond. I mean, it’s true. We can plan life, but the truth is, we cannot control life. We can arrange so many things in our lives, but sometimes things just don’t go our way and that’s how life works. And anyway, if life happens just as how we have planned it to be, where is all the excitement? And so yes, what matters is how we respond to those. We do not have control over the things that happen in our lives, but we do have control over how we respond to those. So guys, know that when storms hit you, you have the option to keep paddling or to drown!

  4. Life apart from God is a life I do not want.

    Saving the best for the last, it’s my faith journey. It was an adventurous one this year. Tears were shed along the way, mourning was not a stranger to me, old scars were healed while new ones were made, but despite all of those, God is proven faithful. There is this one night just a couple of months ago where I was brought to a place of total peace and comfort, knowing that God is more than able to give hope. Because really, I couldn’t have survived this life without that hope He gives in my life. That same night, I can boldly say that to be in the hands of God is the safest place to be. Yes, even though you are drenched in your tears, even though you are broken from head to toe, even though the storms are just out of control, as long as I’m in his hands, I’m more than okay. Today, I thank God for His life and His presence in my life, and I don’t want to live this life out of Him.

There are so many things I’ve learned from 2015, and I am deeply grateful for that. Grateful for all the things that happened this year. Grateful for all the challenges that shaped me to who I am today. Grateful for all the people who have stayed by me through it all. Grateful for all the love poured upon me day after day. I can say that I am better than who I was a year ago, and I cannot wait to explore more of myself and His will in my life in the coming year. Definitely excited for what’s to come in the new year. Excited for the hardships that will make me stronger than who I was. Excited to meet and get to know new people. Excited to witness how God will work in my life through my talents and my brokenness.

  1. It’s gonna be a good one. Come at me.

Happy New Year, 2016, everyone! Live more, laugh louder, and love harder!

Kimberly Subianto

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain. On the contrary, I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me. // 1 Corinthians 15:10



2 thoughts on “twenty fifteen.

  1. Hello Kim,

    I love reading your blog, it is really inspiring , about Life and Faith.

    I came to the SYNERGY event and witnesss you as a Prayer who pray for others people.

    Your father and brother must be so proud of you and smile from the heaven and one thing that you need to remember, for us who study overseas , friends are our famliy in here. All of your friends are care about you.

    Keep Calm and Worship Jesus.

    Jesus Love You


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