about her.

Kimberly is a bubbly young lady who’s simply grateful for all God’s blessings in her life. A family-oriented person who keeps her loved ones at heart, and aims to be the best version of herself. An engineer-in-progress who dreams to become the best project manager in her career days. A balanced life is what she is after, and although she always tries to help others, she is learning to prioritize in order to invest her time better #neverstoplearning.

Beauty for her is more than just about glamorous clothing and red-carpet hairdos, its about being gentle and gracious; its about showcasing a smile that permeates through every room she walks in and lightening up people’s days. Its about being comfortable with herself, be it physique, talents, or characteristics. She is very well encouraged when seeing other people using their talents for God’s glory, and always aims to use her own talents; writing and socializing to name a few, to please God.

She has always been passionate about basketball, but is recently more into running and yoga. In general, she is a big sports fan, and is a bigger fan of Arsenal Football Club. Not only that Arsenal has the best uniforms among other football clubs, but they have good-looking players as well #bonus haha…

Regarding her lifestyle, her general health perception has definitely shifted for the better ever since she came to Vancouver. She now enjoys eating “clean”, and is becoming more passionate about culinary innovations. Recently, she has fallen for this one sandwich that she makes, using avocado, turkey, cheese, and variety of greens. She can definitely pass for a foodie, and although she enjoys almost all types of food, she craves for sushi!

To sum up, she is simply a lady by heart, a part time engineer, and a full time worshipper. #allforJesus


3 thoughts on “about her.

  1. Hi Kimberly……

    Heard your brother and father stories from colleagues…..Deepest condolences for your beloved family.
    Really touch with your eulogy and your blog.
    Keep on doing great and goodness in His Name….
    GBU…..keep in faith

    Very Inspiring….ever thought to be a journalist?? Gud luck in whateve you do


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